Play Tribeca Festival turns 20 as post-COVID curtains reopen

The renowned Tribeca Film Festival opened its curtains on Wednesday for the 20th year in New York City, becoming the first major post-pandemic fest in North America. This year’s event is called ‘Tribeca Festival’ to include its vast programming like gaming, virtual hubs and podcasting. Ivette Feliciano speaks to the festival organizers about what went into planning this major event

Play ‘America is back’: Biden heads for NATO summit after G-7

President Biden flew to Brussels for the NATO summit after wrapping up the G-7 in the UK. At a news conference Sunday, he talked about the G-7’s plan to donate a billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines globally and an agreement amongst the nations to hold China accountable for human rights violations and some trade practices. NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor joins for more.

Play New Israeli government ousts Prime Minister Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year run as Israel’s prime minister ended Sunday as parliament voted in a new government by a nail-biting 60-59 margin. Former defense secretary and tech billionaire Naftali Bennett will replace Netanyahu. For more on what this means for Israel and the world at large, NPR’s Deb Amos joins us from Jerusalem.

Play Street artist and designer Tristan Eaton’s global canvas

Next month the Long Beach Museum of Art in Southern California will open “All At Once,” a 25-year retrospective on the work of artist Tristan Eaton. Described as an urban pop artist, Eaton's work moves between guerrilla street art, commercial design, civic installation and fine art. Christopher Booker recently spoke with Eaton about his life, work, and living outside conventions.

Play Biden reaffirms America’s global role at the G7

President Joe Biden made his first foreign trip as president to the U.K. for the G-7 summit where he was welcomed by world leaders amid talk of “shared values.” In a bid to move past the Trump-era, President Biden reaffirmed America’s position and role in the world. NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor joins for more.

Play Pulse shooting: Survivors soldier on for gun reform

Several events were held on Saturday to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, in which a gunman killed 49 people and injured dozens. At the time, this was the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history and immediately prompted calls for gun laws. Ivette Feliciano speaks with two survivors about the night that changed their lives.

Play Endangered elephant herd takes mysterious trek in China

It’s not a sight you see every day -- a herd of elephants, leaving their home turf, making their way through southwestern China, most recently stopping in a city with millions of residents. But that’s what’s happening right now. William Brangham looks at their mysterious trek, and why they might have hit the road.

Play What Texans stands to gain and lose from redistricting

State legislatures across the U.S. eagerly await new census data that would impact the redrawing of congressional district lines. One state that has a lot at stake is Texas, which is gaining two congressional seats due to population growth largely fueled by communities of color. But they may not be the ones benefiting from the redistricting fight. NewsHour's Lisa Desjardins and Daniel Bush report.

Play News Wrap: FDA orders disposal of 60 million J&J doses

In our news wrap Friday, the FDA will allow 10 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from a troubled Baltimore factory to be used, but about 60 million doses will be thrown out. Also, the U.N. warned violence in Myanmar is worsening, authorities are investigating a power outage in Puerto Rico that left 900,000 customers in the dark, and this year's Pulitzer Prizes were awarded.

Play Biden discusses global vaccinations and taxes at G-7 meeting

President Biden joined leaders of the world's top economic democratic nations Friday for the start of the three-day G-7 meeting in southwest England. On the agenda are global taxes, trade and the fight to end the COVID-19 pandemic. White House Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, who is traveling with the president, joins Judy Woodruff from Plymouth, England to discuss.

Play Street art, politics and violence intersect in Belfast

Street artists in Belfast, Northern Ireland maintain a tradition of painting murals with a message, as they did during the 30-year conflict between Catholic Republicans and Protestants loyal to the British crown. But they're now speaking out in an effort to repel renewed sectarian violence driven by Britain’s

Play DOJ to review secret seizure of top Democrats' phone records

Following a bombshell report from The New York Times, the Justice Department's inspector general announced Friday he will open an investigation into why the Trump administration secretly subpoenaed the phone data of at least two of President Trump's critics in Congress, both top Democrats. Adam Goldman, who was among the team of reporters that broke the story this week, joins John Yang to discuss.

Play Brooks and Capehart on Biden at the G-7, the DOJ under Trump

New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week in politics, including President Biden at the G-7 summit, the Justice Department under the Trump administration, and how redistricting will impact the nation's political makeup.

Play Students help divert millions away from policing in schools

The role of police officers in schools has come under increasing scrutiny, as communities across the U.S. respond to calls for racial justice and re-evaluate student safety. In Los Angeles, student activists played a major role in getting the school district to move away from funding police in schools. Julia Escobar, of the NewsHour's Student Reporting Labs youth journalism program, has the story.

Play 'In the Heights' uplifts Latino community, reframes roles

Blockbuster films delayed by the pandemic are now hitting the big screen. Among the first of the summer season is “In the Heights,” which opened Thursday in theaters and streams on HBO Max. As Jeffrey Brown reports, the modern-day musical with a Latino cast set in a Manhattan neighborhood has high ambitions of shaking up Hollywood and beyond. It is part of our arts and culture series, "CANVAS."

Play After 40 years of AIDS, progress made but problems remain

Four decades ago this past week, the first ever cases of the HIV/AIDS epidemic were publicly noted, and hardly noticed. But soon after, cases exploded around the world. It's estimated that roughly 35 million people have died from AIDS in the years since. William Brangham reports and speaks with two people deeply immersed in the issue for a look back at the epidemic and the best way forward.

Play Biden pledges 500 million vaccine doses to poor countries

President Biden on Thursday kicked off his week of diplomacy in a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ahead of the beginning of the G-7 summit Friday. Biden also announced a significant step by his administration that he said would “supercharge” the global fight against COVID-19. Yamiche Alcindor, who is traveling with the president, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss.

Play Texas at odds with Biden administration on critical issues

The past legislative session in Texas focused on key conservative priorities, from restricting abortion to addressing transgender rights. The Lone Star State is now focused on a voting bill that would tighten election laws, after missing an opportunity to get it passed late last month. Political reporter Daniel Bush joins Judy Woodruff from Austin with more.

Play News Wrap: Major U.S. reservoir hits record low

In our news wrap Thursday, a reservoir serving much of the western U.S. has reached a record-low level as the region grapples with extreme drought, unemployment claims fell for a sixth straight week as a May consumer price increase showed the biggest 12-month inflation spike since 2008, and the U.S. envoy to the United Nations called on the security council to publicly address Ethiopia's conflict.

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