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Mossback's Northwest

The Shipwreck That Still Shares its Bounty

Mossback's Northwest

The Shipwreck That Still Shares its Bounty

3m 38s

A Spanish galleon from Manila went down in a storm off the Oregon coast 327 years ago. It was carrying a cargo of beeswax for the Spanish colonies, and that beeswax is still being found on beaches today.

3m 46s

Airships over the Klondike

Prospectors headed to the 1897 gold rush in Alaska had to bring tons of provisions with them. Some imagined the possibility of airships carrying freight and gold back and forth to the Klondike, and suddenly, airships were being "seen" all over the world.

4m 6s

Seattle's Ramps to Nowhere

Bustling Seattle was building one freeway after another in the 1960s and 70s. One was going to slice right through the Washington Park Arboretum, until citizen activists stopped it in its tracks.

5m 15s

George Bush: Washington's Pioneer

George Bush, a free black man, settled what is now known as Tumwater in 1850. He was a respected community leader, and his family became part of Washington's most important institutions.

3m 5s

The Great Swinomish-Husky Race of 1941

The UW "Boys in the Boat' crew is famous for beating the Nazis in the 1936 Olympics, but there was another race that pitted the vaunted Husky team against Native Swinomish paddlers.

4m 52s

Sir Thomas Beecham's Seattle "Dustbin"

Wealthy English aristocrat and musician sir Thomas Beecham came to Seattle during WWII to be the Seattle Symphony's conductor for two years. Outspoken and fiery in temperament, he made a statement about Seattle's artistic life that stings citizens even today. But did he actually say it?

4m 1s

When Camelot Came to the Seattle World's Fair

Seattle World's Fair organizers desperately wanted President John F. Kennedy to visit. He couldn’t, but he did glimpse the site. Proof lies in a recently discovered photograph taken in the shadow of the Space Needle.

5m 44s

The Centralia Tragedy Left a Legacy Still Debated

In 1919, during an Armistice Day parade, a gun battle between Wobblies (IWW) and the American Legion left five men dead, and scars in the Northwest psyche. It was a violent clash between two ideologies -- the anti Bolshevik American Legion and the radical socialists known as the Industrial Workers of the World.

5m 23s

Northwest Oystermania

The Olympia oyster is the Pacific Coast's only indigenous oyster. Tiny compared to other oysters, the Olympia was for decades raked out of Washington's beds by the ton, to feeding hungry gold diggers in California and Northwestern lumbermen. Invasive Japanese oysters took over its habitat, but the might Olympia might be making a comeback, thanks to interested shellfish farmers.

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