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Mossback's Northwest

The Great Swinomish-Husky Race of 1941

Mossback's Northwest

The Great Swinomish-Husky Race of 1941

3m 5s

The UW "Boys in the Boat' crew is famous for beating the Nazis in the 1936 Olympics, but there was another race that pitted the vaunted Husky team against Native Swinomish paddlers.

Available to viewers in US and Canada
5m 23s

Northwest Oystermania

The Olympia oyster is the Pacific Coast's only indigenous oyster. Tiny compared to other oysters, the Olympia was for decades raked out of Washington's beds by the ton, to feeding hungry gold diggers in California and Northwestern lumbermen. Invasive Japanese oysters took over its habitat, but the might Olympia might be making a comeback, thanks to interested shellfish farmers.

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