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A thrilling four-part 'whodunnit' starring Charlie Murphy and James D’Arcy.
True story of Philip Jones telling the cautionary tale of the 2009 Climate gate scandal.
Content rating: TV-MA
This prequel to Bronte's Jane Eyre paints a different story of the first Mrs. Rochester.
Céline Trudeau investigates a murder in a small mining town where no one is safe.
Content rating: TV-MA
Detective Sandra Winckler must work with legend Paul Maisonneuve on a macabre case.
Content rating: TV-MA
A family is destroyed by rumors. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.
Content rating: TV-MA
Follow the story of educated but penniless Emily, based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel.
Content rating: TV-14
Zhang Ziyi stars as a princess who defies expectations, falls in love and rules the world.
Content rating: TV-MA
A gripping crime drama from Iran, based on William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Macbeth.
Content rating: TV-MA
A quirky teenage love story about a girl with a pig heart valve and a pathological liar.
An insider's look at the worlds of high finance and public service in this comedy/drama.
A spectacular reimagining of one of literature’s most enduring heroes.
Chloe and her partner Jeremy have inherited a hotel on Reunion Island.
Content rating: TV-MA
A Tel Aviv suburb is devastated by the murder of a young boy.
Content rating: TV-MA
Ten strangers sign up for a weight-loss camp and face new challenges.
Content rating: TV-MA
The mysterious death of unlikely friends sends shockwaves through two families.
Content rating: TV-MA
A six-part drama series that connect with the troubled victims from the past.
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