The Trump Impeachment

Senate Trial

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The Senate approved impeachment trial ground rules

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House Democratic impeachment managers started formal arguments

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House Democratic impeachment managers argued their case

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House Democratic impeachment managers made their closing arguments

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The President's lawyers started to present their case

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The President's lawyers resumed their case

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The President’s lawyers concluded opening arguments

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Democratic House managers and President Trump’s lawyers faced the first day of Senate questioning

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The Senate concluded their second and final day of questions

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The Senate votes against calling witnesses in Trump impeachment trial

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Several key Senators explained their votes

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The Senate voted to acquit the President

House Impeachment Vote

House Judiciary Committee Hearings

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Noah Feldman, Pamela S. Karlan, Michael Gerhardt and Jonathan Turley

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Democratic and Republican lawyers from the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees

House Intelligence Committee Hearings

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William B. Taylor Jr. and George Kent

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Marie Yovanovitch

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Jennifer Williams, Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison

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Gordon Sondland, Laura Cooper and David Hale

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Fiona Hill and David Holmes

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