Stream These Inspirational Jewish Stories

Honor Jewish history and culture with KCTS 9. These programs celebrate notable figures, recipes and landmarks, as well as confront difficult Jewish history and tackle issues facing the community. 

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Travel & Landmarks  


Join host Bruce Feiler as he travels with contemporary pilgrims on historic pilgrimages around the world on Sacred Journeys. Stream“Jerusalem” online now.  

Join beloved travel host Rick Steves, of Rick Steves' Europe, as he explores "The Best of Israel." 

Heritage & Biography 

"Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles" celebrates the beloved Broadway classic, exploring the unexpected richness of its themes as well as its deep reach across time and cultures.

Finding Your Roots explores Jewish identity in Beyond the Pale,” online now.

POV tells the story of a special shabbat with "Wendy's Shabbat:" "Friends usher in the Sabbath—called by its Hebrew name Shabbat—by candlelight, with challah bread and grape juice to complement their chicken nuggets and fries. Shabbat is typically observed at home with family, but here these seniors share in the celebration at a fast-food Wendy’s. Wendy's Shabbat is a story of rediscovering the joys of community in older age, however unorthodox it may appear."

Celebrate the lives of notable Jewish figures with these American Masters documentaries: Stream the episodes honoring Norman Lear and Itzhak Perlman online now. 


In their own words

Ken Burns, Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein's new three-part series The U.S. and the Holocaust tells the story of how the American people grappled with one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the 20th century, and how this struggle tested the ideals of their democracy.

Frontline explores the stories of Holocaust survivors in two documentaries. Stream “Never Forget to Lie” and “The Last Survivors” online now.  

In this episode of We’ll Meet Again, Holocaust survivors search for those who gave them hope in the darkest days. One wants to find the friend he left behind when he didn’t move to Israel; the other hopes an old photo will reunite him with the girl who was his first friend. Stream “Surviving the Holocaust” online now. 

Child survivors of the Holocaust are brought to Windermere to recuperate. Without their families, they must find kinship in each other. The Windermere Children is the stark, moving and ultimately redemptive story of the bonds they make with one another, and of how the friendships forged at Windermere become a lifeline to a fruitful future. Stream the film and its accompanying documentary, “The Windermere Children: In Their Own Words,” online now. 

Inspired by actual events, foreign-film Remembrance depicts a remarkable love story that blossomed amidst the terror of a German concentration camp in Poland 1944.