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She may wear the bonnet, but Lucy Worsley’s got a fresh take on history. Lucy Worsley presents British history and traditions to PBS audiences with her own quirky style. She transports viewers into the action, by providing access to historic places and often dressing the part. With showmanship and humor, she manages to tell some of history’s greatest stories like never before — and a few that you may not have heard.

With KCTS 9 Passport, you can journey with Lucy Worsley to Victoria and Albert’s wedding, Henry VIII’s court, the royal bedchamber, 16th century yuletide and more. Here’s how to stream Lucy Worsley’s specials with KCTS 9. 

Lucy Worsley Investigates 

Lucy Worsley

Lucy Worsley re-investigates some of the most dramatic chapters in British history. She uncovers forgotten witnesses, re-examines old evidence and follows new clues.

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Lucy Worsley's Royal Myths & Secrets

Lucy Worsley Royal Myths

Lucy Worsley travels across Britain and Europe visiting the incredible locations where Royal history was made. In beautiful palaces and castles and on dramatic battlefields she investigates how Royal history is a mixture of facts, exaggeration, manipulation and mythology.

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Lucy Worsley's Royal Photo Album

Lucy Worsley

Explore how the royal family has shaped their image with photography, from Queen Victoria to Princess Diana to Prince Harry. From official portraits to tabloid snapshots, the camera has been the Crown’s confidante, messenger — and nemesis.

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Lucy Worsley's Royal Palace Secrets

Lucy Worsley

Join the popular royal historian for an exclusive tour of London’s most extraordinary palaces. From the forbidding Tower of London to glorious Hampton Court to treasure-filled Kensington Palace, Lucy takes viewers behind the velvet ropes into each building’s most secret places.

Stream Lucy Worsley's Royal Palace Secrets online now. 

Victoria & Albert: The Wedding

victoria and albert

Enjoy a recreation of the wedding that changed British matrimonial ceremonies forever. This series, hosted by Lucy Worsley, celebrates an enduring love that was to melt the nation's heart and set the standard for generations of brides to come.

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Tales from the Royal Bedchamber

Lucy Worsley bedchamber

Lucy Worsley gets into bed with our past monarchs to uncover the secrets of the royal bedchamber. She reveals that our obsession with royal bedrooms, births and succession is nothing new. In fact, the rise and fall of their magnificent beds reflects the changing fortunes of the monarchy itself.

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Lucy Worsley's 12 Days of Tudor Christmas

Tudor Christmas

Join Lucy Worsley on a 12-day extravaganza as she discovers that much of what we enjoy in contemporary Christmas — from carols to gift-giving, feasting and drinking — was just as popular 500 years ago, with some surprising Tudor twists.

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Secrets of the Six Wives

secrets of the six wives

Travel with historian Lucy Worsley back to the Tudor court to witness some of the most dramatic moments in the lives of Henry VIII's six wives, each of whom found a method of exerting influence. The show combines drama with historical comment.

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Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen

Agatha Christie

Lucy Worsley explores the enigma of Agatha Christie. Over three episodes, she applies her historian’s powers of investigation to the Queen of Crime. And she uncovers a complex woman whose life – and work – reflects the upheavals of the 20th century.

Watch or stream Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen with KCTS 9 Passport beginning Dec 3rd, 2023. 

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