Play Biden Agenda on The Line

As the pressure to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better infrastructure plans mounts, our panel dissects what’s included in Biden’s economic agenda and looks ate the voting rights battle. Also, the House select committee unanimously votes in support of holding Stephen K. Bannon in contempt, and Trump files suit against the National Archives to keep his presidential records sealed.

Play Culture Wars and Economic Challenges

Culture wars dominating American politics and Virginia governor's race may hinge on hot-button issues like abortion rights and critical race theory.  All of this is playing out as President Biden's poll numbers sink, as former Trump administration officials face deadlines to cooperate with Congress's Jan. 6 committee, and as Republican governors push back on vaccine mandates.

Play Debt Deadlines and Threats to Democracy

President Biden continues to face an uphill battle to get his legislative agenda passed. He traveled beyond the beltway to Michigan this week to try and drum up support, but the real challenge is on Capitol Hill. Biden brought business leaders to the White House on Wednesday to drive home the risk of not lifting the debt ceiling, saying the GOP is playing “Russian roulette” with the U.S. economy.

Play Political Divisions Threaten President Biden’s Agenda

Democrats clashed over the size of President Biden’s infrastructure package, as Congress passed a bill to avoid a federal government shutdown before the deadline. The panel also discussed America’s continued division over COVID vaccines and mandates, plus a look into the testimony from military leaders on the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Play Jan 6 Committee Issues Subpoenas To Trump Allies

The House Committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol has issued subpoenas to four of former President Trump’s closest aides. The subpoenas cited reporting in “Peril”, co-authored by Bob Woodward of The Washington Post and former Washington Week moderator and National Political Reporter at The Washington Post, Robert Costa. The panel also discussed criticism of the Biden administration

Play Washington Braces For Trump Supporter Rally on Sept. 18

A rally in support of insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6th is set to take place this weekend. The panel discussed new reporting on the transition of power between former President Trump and President Biden from Bob Woodward and former Washington Week moderator Robert Costa’s new book “Peril.” Plus, the panel takes a look into the latest news on COVID-19 booster shots, President

Play The 20-Year Anniversary Of September 11

In a special edition of Washington Week, the panel takes an in-depth look at the 20 years since 9/11, featuring journalists who covered the attacks and their aftermath. The panel also discussed the legacy of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the increased targeting of Muslim Americans and people of color, and what comes next as the country grapples with increased threats of domestic terrorism.

Play America’s Longest War Ends

The U.S. has fully completed its withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, ending America’s longest war. The panel discussed the criticism President Biden is facing from Republicans and Democrats as he continues to defend his decision, plus a look into the battle over abortion rights, and the deadly impacts of climate change in the U.S.

Play Attack on Kabul Airport: What’s Next?

Days after President Biden warned of potential terror threats, explosions outside of Kabul’s airport in Afghanistan killed over 100 people, including U.S. service members. The panel also discussed President Biden’s challenges as evacuations of Americans and Afghan allies continue, and what comes next for the country.

Play Crisis in Afghanistan: What’s Happening Now & What’s Next?

The panel took an in-depth look at the crisis in Afghanistan and what’s next for the nation. The panel also discussed how the U.S. is handling evacuations as President Biden faces pressure to do more for the Afghan interpreters, and how the crisis could have been prevented. Pete Williams of NBC News guest moderates.

Play U.S. Deploys 3,000 Troops Back To Afghanistan

The deepening crisis in Afghanistan has led the Pentagon to deploy troops back to help American personnel and Afghan interpreters evacuate cities under threat from the Taliban. The panel also discussed the Delta variant spiking across the country and the latest on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation.

Play COVID-19 Resurges & Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Controversy

As the Delta variant surges across the country, the panel discussed officials struggling to get more Americans vaccinated. The panel also discussed increasing calls on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign following the investigation that concluded he sexually harassed multiple women.

Play House Committee Holds First Hearing On U.S. Capitol Riot

On Tuesday, the Jan. 6 House select committee investigating the Capitol attack heard from four police officers in a powerful hearing. The panel also discussed new COVID-19 mandates and the deepening health crisis as the Delta variant surges across the country.

Play White House Ramps Up Efforts As Delta Variant Spikes

COVID-19 continues to sweep its way across the country, putting unvaccinated Americans at the highest risk. The panel discussed vaccine skepticism, the select committee to investigate Jan. 6th, and new reporting on former President Trump’s reaction to the insurrection

Play Biden Defends Voting Rights as Texas Democrats Flee

President Biden called out Republican lawmakers in a passionate speech addressing their ongoing battle to restrict voting rights. The panel also discussed shocking new reporting on former President Trump, and the growing threat of COVID-19 cases.

Play The U.S. Winds Down the War in Afghanistan

President Biden announced that all US troops will leave Afghanistan by the end of August. The panel also discussed what has unfolded in the 6 months following the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, Biden’s challenges abroad in Haiti & the Delta variant surge in the US.

Panel: Dan Balz of The Washington Post, Leigh Ann Caldwell of NBC News, Jacqueline Charles of Miami Herald, Weijia Jiang of CBS News

Play President Biden Visits Surfside After Deadly Collapse

President Biden met with families impacted by the condominium collapse near Miami, Fla. as rescue workers continue to search for survivors. The panel also discussed the House’s new select committee to investigate Jan. 6 & Biden’s missed vaccine COVID-19 goals.

Panel: Yasmeen Abutaleb of The Washington Post, Jonathan Lemire of The Associated Press, Ayesha Rascoe of NPR, Jonathan Swan of AXIOS

Play President Biden’s Infrastructure Breakthrough

Is the bipartisan infrastructure deal already in danger of falling apart? The panel also discussed voting rights & Derek Chauvin’s sentencing for the murder of George Floyd.

Panel: Zolan Kanno-Youngs of The New York Times, Eva McKend of Spectrum News, Mike Memoli of NBC News, Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News

Play President Biden & Vladimir Putin Face Off In Historic Summit

President Biden pressed Russian leader Putin on human rights, climate change, ransomware hacks & more at a summit in Geneva. The panel discussed what their conversation means for the U.S., plus the Supreme Court weighs in on the Affordable Care Act.

Panel: Kaitlan Collins of CNN, Pete Williams of NBC News, Anne Gearan of The Washington Post, Garrett Haake of NBC News

Play President Joe Biden’s First Overseas Trip

Biden is on his first trip abroad, promoting democracy as he meets with the G7 ahead of a meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The panel discussed the challenges abroad & VP Harris’s trip to Central America to deal with immigration. Ed O'Keefe of CBS News co-moderates.

Panel: Jonathan Martin of The New York Times, Anna Palmer of Punchbowl News, Vivian Salama of The Wall Street Journal

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