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Play El Paso: Carnitas

Taco journalist Mando Rayo’s hometown is El Paso, where the border is just steps away and carnitas are cooked to golden perfection. Jessie Peña of Tacoholics shows how his taco designs are helping change the perception of El Paso food, while chef “Rulis” Gonzalez slow-cooks amazing carnitas in a cazo, with love.

Play Dallas: Modern Mexican

Head on down to bustling Big D for a taste of modern Mexican food, where chefs and taqueros are taking the taco scene to another level. This ain't your mom's Tex-Mex. At Cedar Social, every taco is a work of art. From heartfelt cocina Revolver Taco Lounge to the Bon Appetit Award-winning Trompo, meet some chefs creating tasty tacos with a twist -- pulpo (octopus) to pork belly to s’mores tacos.

Play Corpus Christi: Breakfast Tacos

Corpus Christi is the hometown of Selena, Whataburger and the BEST breakfast tacos. Amando and Jarod visit the coastal city's Chacho's Tacos for the huge "Almighty", and Hi-Ho's, where everyone in town goes for their breakfast tacos. Then they hang with creatives who talk about cultural appropriation while sharing a home-cooked taco spread.

Play San Antonio: Puffy Tacos

"You are what you eat and 'puffy' is the right word." The San Antonio family-run Ray's and Henry's are famous for their handmade puffy corn masa tacos, and as places to celebrate family and food together. From the historic Mi Tierra restaurant to the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico, see how San Antonio keeps it real, "puro" style

Play Rio Grande Valley: Barbacoa

The Rio Grande Valley is all about barbacoa, a local favorite tradition made from cow's head meat. Third generation pitmaster Armando of Vera’s Backyard Bar-B-Que shows Mando and Jarod how to make traditional barbacoa by burying it in a pozo, an in-ground pit with mesquite wood. They also look at life along the river border, and visit the "infamous Taco Mile" which Mando calls "my Disneyland."

Play Why Houston Loves Tacos al Pastor

In Houston, one of America’s most diverse cities, there are taco trucks on every corner and tacos al pastor are the "tacos of the people." Party it up in H-Town as Mando and Jarod visit La Macro and Boombox taco trucks for some trompo tacos (“the Mexican shawarma”), meet photographer/taco aficionado Marco Torres, and get real with local DREAMers.

Play Austin: Migas Tacos

Series premiere: Longtime pals and writers Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece, hit up Austin, where it's all about tasty migas tacos, famous for being stuffed with scrambled eggs and crumbled tortillas. Mando and Jarod explore East Austin, taco gentrification, what it takes to run a small taqueria and--of course--how to make the perfect migas taco. From Joe’s Bakery to Veracruz All Natu

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