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School Inc.
School Inc.

School Inc.

A journey with Andrew Coulson explores the challenge to replicate educational excellence.

55m 19s

Forces and Choices (Episode Three)

In episode three, Forces and Choices, Coulson examines the success of for-profit education traveling to private schools in Sweden, India, and London, where the resistance to education as a business has lessened.

55m 20s

Push or Pull (Episode Two)

In episode two, Push or Pull, Coulson investigates why excellent private schools in America such as Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield, MI, have not “scaled up” to replicate their excellence on a larger scale, and ultimately, serve more students.

55m 21s

The Price of Excellence (Episode One)

Andrew Coulson explores the educational establishment, its history and the politics that sometimes impede the growth of good schools, effective teachers, as well as the involvement of entrepreneur educators.

Fascinating. Entertaining.


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