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Reel 13
Reel 13

Reel 13

A classic, an indie, and a short picked by you! Every Saturday night.

8m 0s


Dreams and reality collide after a couple’s late night out. Directed by Johannes Hartmann.

6m 48s

Do Over

Everyone deserves a second chance... but some people require even more opportunities to get it right. Directed by David Fabelo

6m 53s


A popular clown duo marriage unravels moments before their show starts. Directed by John DesRoches

6m 29s

The Drawing

Brothers navigate their complex relationship. Directed by Gabriel Long

3m 37s

My Heart Belongs to You

An enamored hamster fights off evil demons in this musical tale of unrequited love. Directed by Lev Polyakov.

8m 2s

Pickles for Nickels

This creative animation uses recycled materials to tell the story of a neighborhood - and a man - struggling to survive a city that seems to be passing them by.

7m 18s


A women tries to change her daily routine when a mysterious picture finds her.

6m 28s

Happy Jews

A young man gets more than he bargained for at a family reunion.

4m 19s

Under Statement

You'll never look at your cube-mates the same way after watching this 'a day in the life' animation about an office worker.

5m 53s


Water changes states in this experimental film.

8m 24s


A pair of con men try to sell a fake Duchamp sculpture to a gallery curator wise to their scam.

95m 45s

Parting Words

This story follows the dysfunctional relationship of Vince, Nick and Eddie, three 30-year old men and their childhood best friend, Laura, who delivers a shocking toast at Vince's wedding.

12m 27s

Rota de Colisao

After a robbery, a thief, a worker and a street urchin find their paths have crossed.

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