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7m 36s

Plot Twist and Shout

How exactly did Bob Dylan win the Nobel Prize for literature? What are the standards that a song is considered a "great piece of literature"? What (or who) defines literature?

8m 45s

A Woman's Sentence

From the New Women of the 1920s, to all the Single Ladies of the current millennium, feminism has endured in literature across time in ways that are not typically talked about. Check out this interesting history with Read Awakening.

6m 49s


Afrofuturism is defined as a genre at the intersection of black culture, technology, liberation, and the imagination. From the movie Black Panther to the music of Janelle Monae, Afrofuturism is on a lot of minds this year. Join host Dominique Taylor to explore the literary offerings of Afrofuturism with Rivers Solomon whose book, An Unkindness of Ghosts, you’ll want to read.

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