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Pearl Harbor - USS Oklahoma - The Final Story
Pearl Harbor - USS Oklahoma - The Final Story

Pearl Harbor - USS Oklahoma - The Final Story

Explore what happened to the USS Oklahoma on December 7, 1941.

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Explore what happened to the USS Oklahoma, the only battleship to capsize during the Pearl Harbor attack. Examine new details about what may have caused the ship to overturn and hear stories from Oklahoma survivors and families of those lost.

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Navy Visit

Bethany Glenn’s grandfather was aboard the USS Oklahoma during the attack at Pearl Harbor. For 75 years he has been considered missing in action and her family has never received closure on his story. Today she receives a visit from two U.S. Navy officers who bring her some exciting news.

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Lined up Like Sitting Ducks

The position of the battleships at Pearl Harbor made them an easy target for the Japanese strike force. The attack on these ships that were named after U.S. states made the attack personal for Americans.

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The Attack

The attack by the Japanese took the men stationed at Pearl Harbor by surprise. Our veterans tell us what they experienced in those first moments while our historians explain the details of the attack.

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Early Clues

There were some clues early in the morning of Dec. 7 that could have alerted Americans of the attack, but they were overlooked. Japanese Naval Captain, Mitsuo Fuchida, sent a famous message to his fleet letting them know they were catching the Americans by surprise.

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The Box Fin

The shallow depth at Pearl Harbor made Americans think they were safe from aerial torpedoes. However an astute invention by the Japanese proved those feelings of safety false. The torpedoes played a crucial role in the attack.

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