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19m 10s

Frontera! Revolt and Rebellion on the Rio Grande

The first American Revolution occurred along the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico when the Pueblo Indians broke from the Spanish Empire. The 1680 Pueblo Revolt has shaped the deeply contested territories of the US-Mexico borderlands even today. Native and Chicano narrators recall this living history through humor, music and cartoons.

5m 3s

‘New American Girls’- Kassandra

Brought to New York City by undocumented parents at age six, Kassandra kept her status a secret until high school, when she started attending the after-school program Sports & Arts in Schools, and joined Make the Road New York, an organization promoting immigrant rights. With the support of these “allies,” Kassandra became the first in her family to graduate high school.

7m 3s

‘New American Girls’- Mandeep

Mandeep was brought to the Bay Area as a child by her Indian parents, voted “mostly likely to save the world” in high school. In In her second year in the pre-med program at UC Davis, she was suddenly informed she was being deported in two weeks. Thanks to a viral social media campaign led by her best friend, Mandeep’s deportation was put on hold, and she became an eloquent spokesperson.

6m 24s

‘New American Girls’- Lorella

Born in Peru, Lorella lost her leg at age 2 in a car accident. Her parents brought her to the US for ongoing medical treatment. At age 10, Lorella and her mother relocated to Connecticut. She excelled in school, but couldn’t qualify for in-state tuition, and lived in fear of deportation. Inspired by other DREAMers she formed a student group to try to change Connecticut’s in-state tuition law.

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