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Episode 3 Preview | Return of the Wet

Inland Kimberley is now so stiflingly hot, everything and everyone moves with caution – with the exception of gold diggers Honest John and Steve. The region's remaining waterholes are packed with animals, forced dangerously close. The coast is also a place to congregate. The humidity builds and finally, the skies explode with thunder and rain.

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Gold Fever

Gold fossicking takes a certain type of person and when gold fever hits you need to watch your back. According to Honest John and Steve you never know what greed will lead a rival gold digger to do. Despite the perils however, they still prefer the outback to the city and its lack of privacy.

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Australia's Barramundi

A dam wall located at Western Australia's Lake Kununurra has interfered with an ancient breeding pattern of the barramundi. In a laboratory 600 miles away, an artificial breeding cycle has been created to restock Lake Kununurra with barramundi.

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Kangaroo Haven

Mandy Watson has nursed and released 586 kangaroos back into the wild. At any one time she’s surrogate mother to 40 kangaroos ranging in age from delicate week old "pinkies" through to bouncing three-year-olds. She gives each and every one of them a name.

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Jubilee Downs

Australia's cattle stations are the biggest in the world. At Jubilee Downs, helicopter mustering has recently aided in rounding up the station's free roaming cattle, but horses remain the backbone of the operation.

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Episode 2 Preview | The Dry Season

It might be the dry season, but there's no rest in the outback: There are turtle eggs to be laid, saltwater crocodiles to dodge and young birds on maiden flights. Cattle must be mustered from the far corners of vast cattle properties and, when that is done, rodeos slam into action.

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Journey with the people and animals of Australia's Kimberley region in North West Australia: a vast, rugged and remote wilderness, bursting with character.

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Burning Land

An out of control fire could burn hundreds of miles of the Kimberley unchecked. Aboriginal people managed parts of the Kimberley landscape by burning patches. This knowledge has been passed on to rangers and future caretakers, and in doing so they are changing the way fire moves across the landscape.

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Kangaroo School

Mandy Watson is one of life’s givers, taking care of orphan wallaroos, wallabies and red kangaroos at her sanctuary Kangaroo Haven. She introduces two orphan euros, also known as wallaroos, to one another.

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Ancestors' Spirit

Indigenous Australians believe the country was formed in the dreamtime and its laws are alive today. For Albert Wiggan, this law demands he care for his country and the spirits of his ancestors.

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Episode 1 Preview | The Kimberley Comes Alive

The Kimberley region in North West Australia boasts some of the most spectacular wilderness, and tough characters, in existence. We meet the humans, and the creatures, who – as the wet season comes to an end – begin their adventures across this diverse and surprising landscape.

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