Play Rural U.S. hospitals feel greater burden of nurse shortage

Nursing shortages are impacting healthcare workers and hospitals across the United States. In just the past few days, nurses and other workers in Southern California and Oregon authorized a potential strike against provider Kaiser Permanente. Staffing shortages are part of those disputes. John Yang reports from South Florida on how shortages are affecting hospitals there.

Play News Wrap: Energy costs may soar by up to 54% this winter

In our news wrap Wednesday, a federal forecast says global inflation and supply shortages will boost energy costs as much as 54 percent over last year. The surge in inflation means social security recipients will get their biggest cost-of-living adjustment in 39 years, with an increase of 5.9 percent. U.S. land borders will reopen to non-essential travel for vaccinated foreigners.

Play Crumbling Afghan economy complicating foreign aid efforts

It's been two months since the Taliban took control of Kabul and solidified their grip on Afghanistan. The country's banking system and economy is all but collapsing. Afghanistan needs urgent help, according to the head of one of the largest humanitarian aid organizations operating in the country. Jan Egeland, the secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council joins Nick Schifrin with more.

Play Election integrity, voter trust spotlighted in Georgia

Early voting started this week in Georgia ahead of November's municipal elections. But almost a year after the 2020 election, some Republicans — including former President Trump — continue pushing false narratives of widespread voter fraud. A judge on Wednesday dismissed a Georgia lawsuit seeking a review of nearly 150,000 absentee ballots from 2020. Lisa Desjardins reports.

Play Sec. Raimondo on clearing U.S. supply logjam by Christmas

Judy Woodruff takes a closer look at how the Biden administration plans to address global supply chain challenges and combating inflation with Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. Raimondo addresses both the supply shortage of general consumer goods and also vital items like semiconductors.

Play How Biden plans to combat American supply chain issues

Combating the global supply chain delays that are negatively impacting the U.S. economy topped President Joe Biden's agenda Wednesday, as he promised new efforts to restore the supply chain and tame inflation. White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor reports.

Play How Americans feel about medical jobs in light of pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare many vulnerabilities in America’s healthcare system, including a worsening shortage of nurses and physicians. But recent data indicates a new surge of interest in nursing, medical and other health-related career programs. Stephanie Sy has this report for our series “Rethinking College.”

Play News Wrap: WH rebukes Abbott over Texas' vaccine mandate ban

In our news wrap Tuesday, the White House rebuked Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott over banning COVID-19 vaccine requirements. Meanwhile, the state of Florida fined Leon County $3.5 million for requiring its employees to get vaccinated. In Britain, a report by parliament charged that a delay in imposing a COVID lockdown caused thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Play How Gruden's emails expose NFL's regressive attitude

One of the National Football League’s most well-known head coaches — Jon Gruden of the Las Vegas Raiders — is out of a job after a series of highly offensive emails were publicly disclosed by The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Gruden's swift resignation Monday raises larger questions about representation and inclusion in professional football. William Brangham has the story.

Play The latest health guidance on preventative aspirin use

Adults 60 or older should not necessarily take a daily aspirin to prevent a first heart attack or stroke, according to a draft recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The government-backed panel of independent experts is revising several key guidelines and warning that, for some, aspirin's risks may outweigh the benefits. Judy Woodruff talks to Dr. John Wong about the issue.

Play Tennessee judge jailed minors on bogus charges

A new investigation by ProPublica and Nashville Public Radio has uncovered an alarming pattern of arresting and detaining elementary school children in Rutherford County, Tennessee — some as young as 7 years old. Some are arrested for playground fights or cursing. A disproportionate number of the children arrested were Black. Lisa Desjardins gets more from Nashville Public Radio's Meribah Knight.

Play Schiff book shows how loyalty to Trump threatened democracy

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is best known for being the chief prosecutor in President Donald Trump's first impeachment trial, which ended with an acquittal. But in his new book, "Midnight in Washington," Schiff connects that episode to others in our recent history, including the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Schiff joins Judy Woodruff with more.

Play North Korea flexes nuclear power amid regional arms race

With the many crises both domestic and global facing the Biden White House, one key challenge — North Korea — has decided to make its presence known. Surrounded by missiles and other weaponry, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un put his nuclear-armed state front and center. Nick Schifrin explains.

Play A Brief But Spectacular take on overcoming breast cancer

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, healthcare journalist Kate Pickert began conducting extensive research to become more informed about her own treatment. Her book "Radical: The Science, Culture, and History of Breast Cancer in America" chronicles her findings and personal story. Tonight, she offers her Brief But Spectacular perspective on overcoming breast cancer.

Play How poetry helps this young Afghan refugee 'empty' her pains

October 11 is the International Day of the Girl. Tonight, we hear from one girl, a young Afghan poet, who left her country a few years ago with her family for security reasons. Aryan Ashory now lives in a refugee settlement in Germany, and shared her thoughts and writing with the NewsHour's Student Reporting Lab as part of our arts and culture series, CANVAS.

Play Rapper Common, Rev. Moss on helping Chicago heal

Homicides in Chicago were up 56% in 2020 compared to the year before. But efforts are underway to address the city's systemic issues. Award-winning rapper Common and his pastor, Rev. Otis Moss III, discussed some of their ideas for change recently with Stephanie Sy for our "Race Matters" series. This segment is produced by the peace studio in partnership with the "Exploring Hate" WNET initiative.

Play Scientist behind Pakistan's nuclear weapons dies at 85

The father of Pakistan's atomic bomb and a proponent of nuclear proliferation, Abdul Qadeer Khan, died Sunday at the age of 85 after a lengthy battle with COVID-19. He was a figure mired in controversy who launched Pakistan's nuclear weapons program, but also admitted to sharing nuclear technology secrets with Iran, Libya, and North Korea. Nick Schifrin reports.

Play How Greenville residents are coping after the Dixie Fire

For over two months straight this summer, the Dixie Fire ravaged Northern California, burning nearly one million acres before firefighters were able to put out the flames. One small historic town was nearly destroyed in its wake. Special correspondent Cat Wise traveled to Greenville, in Plumas County, for a closer look at what remains after the Dixie Fire.

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