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1m 50s

Clues to the Zebra Odyssey

Scientists search for clues to the origin of the zebras' urge to migrate. With lifespans of just 15 years, signs point to a genetic urge, rather than a taught behavior.

2m 53s

Meeting Winnie the Zebra

As the zebra gather to leave, the crew gets a chance to meet the individuals. Some have given birth, some are still pregnant, but the start of the great 150 mile migration is just about to start.

0m 30s

Next on Episode 3 | Zebra

Thousands of zebra face lions, hunting dogs, drought and starvation as they undertake the world's most recently discovered migration. Braving one of Botswana's most brutal wildernesses, they make Africa's longest land migration to reach the rich grasslands of Nxai Pan National Park.

2m 10s

Bear Gets Too Close for Comfort

In open landscape, a bear has a hard time catching caribou - but not humans. The camera crew must carefully remove themselves from the scene as the bear meanders, then charges, toward them.

1m 53s

The Herd Gets Back on Track

With just 13 days left until much of the herd is due to give birth, this herd still has 180 miles to go. But the herd finally arrives where the team predicted. They descend from the mountains, spilling into the valley by the thousands.

1m 27s

Caribou Face a Gauntlet of Bears

The grizzles have just woken up from 6 months of hibernation, and they're starving. They badly need protein, and when the caribou pass through, they try to make the most of the opportunity to supplement their diet of roots and berries. The result is an area with one of the highest concentrations of grizzly bears on the planet.

0m 30s

Next on Episode 2 | Caribou

A hundred thousand caribou must face hungry bears and wolves, deadly frozen rivers and rugged mountains as they undertake the world's longest land migration - 3,000 miles through the frozen Arctic wilderness of Canada and Alaska.

1m 51s

Elephants Gorge Themselves on Weaver Birds

In an act never before filmed, a group of elephants gorges themselves on weaver bird nests. Their behavior raises a compelling question: have they acquired a taste for eggs, chicks or the vegetation of the nests?

2m 30s

Encounter with a Musth Bull Elephant

Using the information from a satellite collar, cameraman Bob Poole tracks down a musth bull elephant. As Bob gets close, he attracts some unwanted attention.

0m 30s

Next on Episode 1 | Elephants

A thousand elephants, from magnificent bulls to vulnerable orphans, come together in a crucial annual gathering in northern Kenya, whilst facing deadly threats from both predators and poachers.

0m 30s

Official Trailer

Follow three iconic animals on three of the world’s most breath-taking wildlife adventures. Across hundreds of miles of Canadian arctic wilderness and African bush, we follow every life and death decision these herds make as they overcome immense obstacles and face fearless predators in a race to reach their destination.

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