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Mossback's Northwest

The Chaos of the Car in Seattle’s Early Days


Mossback's Northwest

The Chaos of the Car in Seattle’s Early Days

3m 7s

If you think traffic is bad now, just imagine Seattle at the turn of the century: Cyclists, pedestrians, and an army of wagons all competed for space on the downtown streets. Then, along came the automobile. Knute Berger chronicles the car’s bumpy ride in early Seattle — and how it came to dominate the road.

5m 44s

The Centralia Tragedy Left a Legacy Still Debated

In 1919, during an Armistice Day parade, a gun battle between Wobblies (IWW) and the American Legion left five men dead, and scars in the Northwest psyche. It was a violent clash between two ideologies -- the anti Bolshevik American Legion and the radical socialists known as the Industrial Workers of the World.

5m 23s

Northwest Oystermania

The Olympia oyster is the Pacific Coast's only indigenous oyster. Tiny compared to other oysters, the Olympia was for decades raked out of Washington's beds by the ton, to feeding hungry gold diggers in California and Northwestern lumbermen. Invasive Japanese oysters took over its habitat, but the might Olympia might be making a comeback, thanks to interested shellfish farmers.

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