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Pantry Milks

Martha invites dairy expert, Holley Grainger, to share her trade secrets and then incorporates them into two heavenly desserts: passion fruit meringue pie and cuatro leches cake. Chef Alex Guarnaschelli also makes a sublime condensed milk pound cake.

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Berry expert, Franca Tantillo, joins Martha to learn all about farm-grown and foraged berries. Then, Martha demonstrates how berries really do make everything better in two memorable desserts: an eye-catching, festive blueberry “bandanna” tart and petite gooseberry and raspberry crumbles. Plus, cookbook author, Sam Seneviratne, bakes a mouthwatering berry frangipane phyllo tart.

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Almonds show up in everything these days from milk to butter. Martha invites almond expert, Priscilla Martel, to teach us about this versatile nut. Then, discover two very special recipes: an ice-cream truck inspired almond-crunch ice cream cake and a gorgeous old-fashioned gelatin dessert known as blancmange. Plus, baker Matt Lewis, makes tantalizing almond sandwich cookies.

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Martha invites farmer and expert, Len Barron, to demystify different varieties of grapes, a fruit universally treasured around the world. Then, Martha prepares two standout grape recipes: time-honored winemaker’s focaccia and an eye-catching Concord grape tart. Food writer and cookbook author, Melissa Clark joins Martha and bakes remarkable roasted grape shortcakes.

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Martha invites grain expert and mill owner, Amber Lambke, to share her extensive knowledge of this versatile grain. Martha then creates two tasty recipes: a savory Swiss chard and ricotta galette, and cowboy cookies, the healthier cousin of a chocolate chip cookie. Modernist baker, Francisco Migoya makes an unusual and ingenious pressure caramelized oat sandwich bread.

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Without cocoa, there would be no chocolate and where would we be without this magical ingredient? Joining Martha in her kitchen is chocolate expert, Amy Guittard, who shares her vast knowledge of cocoa. Then, Martha makes an unusual savory black bread made with cocoa and coffee and a decadent chocolate charlotte. Plus, cookbook author, Virginia Willis, puts a “chocolate” twist on a chess pie.

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Fresh Cheese

Join Martha with expert cheesemaker, Lynn Fleming, to learn how fresh cheeses are made. Then, discover how to incorporate them in two delectable desserts including creamy tart au fromage with farmer’s cheese and crème fraîche, and a ricotta-rich cannoli cake, an inventive twist on a Sicilian classic. Plus, baker Edan Leshnick makes a gorgeous cheesecake babka.

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Ginger is an ingredient that bakers turn to when they want to add a peppery, sweet taste and subtle warmth to their recipes. Organic ginger farmer, Casey Steinberg, joins Martha to explain this versatile root, and then Martha creates two delectable recipes: mouthwatering ginger-pear hand pies and one of her favorites, molasses-ginger crisps.

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Exotic plant expert, Byron Martin, joins Martha to share his heirloom lemon tree collection and explains how you too can grow your own citrus. Then, Martha demonstrates how to add lemon’s bright, zesty flavor in two outrageously delicious recipes: lemon and Italian cheese pizza and a sublime Meyer lemon coffee cake. Plus, expert baker, John Barricelli, bakes a spectacular lemon soufflé tart.

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Stone Fruits

Farmer Al Courchesne joins Martha in her kitchen to share his expertise on stone fruits. Then, Martha adds the ripe fruit to two traditional recipes: a scrumptious nectarine clafoutis and an old-fashioned peach buckle. Plus, Chef Becky - who happens to be Al’s wife - shares her signature plum upside-down cake.

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Cultured Dairy

Buttermilk, yogurt, and sour cream are cultured dairy products that magically enhance baked goods. Martha invites farmer and cultured dairy producer, Paul Lacinski, to explain how they’re made. Then, two delicious recipes: a surprising custard-like plum and crème fraîche pie and a spectacular but simple pistachio-rhubarb yogurt cake.

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Attention apple lovers! Orchardist, Zeke Goodband, demystifies the world of heirloom apples and then Martha uses them in two scrumptious desserts: a cinnamon swirl apple slab pie fit for a crowd and a three-layer apple cake. Then pastry chef, Marie-Aude Rose, shares a luscious heirloom baked apple dessert.

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Dried Fruit

Fruit preservationist, Leda Meredith, stops by Martha’s kitchen to share her techniques for drying fruit. Then, Martha incorporates dried fruit into two traditional British recipes: pocket-sized pastries called Eccles cakes and a steamed currant pudding known as spotted dick served with a lush crème anglaise.

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Impressive Chocolate Desserts

Whether you prefer dark, milk or white, chocolate makes everything better. On today’s Martha Bakes, three recipes to satisfy every chocoholic’s cravings. Martha introduces s’mousses, a twist on the nostalgic campfire favorite of graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate, a mouth-watering chocolate and peanut butter tart, and a triple chocolate ice cream cake, where the name says it all.

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Perfect Puff Pastry

Known for its decadent, flaky layers, puff pastry is a chef’s secret weapon for anything from last minute hors d’oeuvres to impressive looking desserts. On today’s show, Martha shares three recipes including an irresistible raspberry mascarpone tart, saucisson en croûte that’s perfect for any hors d’oeuvres tray, and a tasty apple jalousie tart. Recipes so delicious you’ll want to make them again.

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Embellished Pies

Everyone loves pies. They are as American as, well, apple pie. Join Martha as she shares clever techniques for baking gorgeous pies including a woven blueberry lattice pie, an enticing petal-topped poached pear and cranberry pie, and a savory pie featuring a unique hot water crust. Pies reinvented with a decorative twist!

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Frosted Cakes

When you present a celebration cake, you want it to have a combination of great taste and a stunning presentation. On today’s show, Martha transforms one cake recipe into three dazzling frosted cakes: a colorful strawberry ombré cake, a zesty lemon mousse cake artfully piped with meringue, and a lofty berry layer cake covered in colorful swirls of Swiss meringue buttercream.

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On today’s show, Martha demonstrates how adding pattern to decorate your baked treats can really change the look, flavor, and color of cakes, cookies and tarts. She turns an ordinary cheesecake tart into an extraordinary dessert with the addition of apricot, creates a unique marbleized roulade using a simple technique, and introduces a clever tool for stunning brown butter honey cookies.

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Decorated Cupcakes

When it comes to cupcakes, nobody decorates better than Martha. On today’s show, she shares three scrumptious recipes: orange curd cupcakes topped with citrusy orange chips, elegant brownie cupcakes topped with sugared pansies, and buttercream sunflower and marzipan ladybug decorated cupcakes. All guaranteed to brighten everyone’s day.

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Adorned Cakes

Learn techniques to transform one basic recipe into three stunning celebration cakes: a trend-worthy naked berry chiffon cake, a confection-topped caramel chiffon cake perfect for every sweet tooth, and an awe-inspiring woodland stump cake that’s truly a modern yule log masterpiece. Amazing cakes fit for any special occasion!

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