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The Art of Dancing With a Wheelchair

Their dance piece, set to a wash of music by Enya, is an elegant and graceful partnering accentuated by a mesmerizing motion of wheels and the push and pull of both partners — motion that isn’t possible with two able-bodied dancers. The wheelchair, in fact, expands the dancers’ movement vocabulary.

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Our Vietnam Voices: Joe’s Story

“We marched down to the local draft board and turned in our draft cards to the selective service. We wanted to show our opposition to the world and that we were ready to go to jail instead of Vietnam. Once you make that decision, then it frees you up from intimidation,” says Joe Kelly.

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Part-Time Student, Full-Time Homeless

The backpack Michael carries to campus is full of books and notebooks, things college students usually carry. It also often contains toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, soap, extra clothes — things most students would leave at home.

But this 19-year-old doesn’t have a home.

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The Tiny-House Village That Started a Movement

It was one of the first homeless tent camps in the nation to transition into a community of tiny houses. Three years later, residents at Quixote Village say being a part of a community has given them a new lease on life.

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A National Park in the Heart of Seattle

The 100th anniversary of the United States National Parks Service for many will conjure images of natural and wilderness landscapes. But tucked in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood in the historic Cadillac Hotel is the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park, designated a national park in 1997 to preserve the history of Seattle’s role in the Klondike gold rush of the late 1890s.

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Financing the Next Chapter | Inspiring a Smarter You

Inspiring a better world means inspiring the people that live in it: inspiring them to learn, adapt and create. Financial journalist Jean Chatzky gives advice on saving money for your next steps. The key? Save a little bit from every paycheck, building a fund to use for exploring new opportunities.

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KCTS 9 screened segments of this six-part series, which brought civilians along for a tour of duty with the 5,000 sailors and Marines for whom a nuclear aircraft carrier is both home and workplace, at public events in Everett and Bremerton.

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Tough Times

The global magnitude of a massive economic crisis left many Northwest viewers feeling as if they didn't know where to turn. This three-part series broadcast in March, was designed to help our community come to terms with what was happening - and to empower individuals to take action and begin to emerge from the crisis more quickly than they otherwise might.

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Ready, Set, Grow

Ready, Set, Grow/Aprender y Crecer con Su Hijo, KCTS 9's primetime town-hall special on early childhood education, focused on the cutting-edge research being conducted in Seattle on brain development during the crucial years from birth to age 5.

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Conversations at KCTS 9

Insightful interviews with the most interesting local and national personalities. Join KCTS 9's Enrique Cerna for in-depth, candid conversations with noted journalists, authors, filmmakers, politicians, athletes and more.

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The National Parks: An Evening with Ken Burns and Dayton...

KCTS 9 presented The National Parks: An Evening with Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan. Filmed over the course of six years at some of nature's most spectacular locales - from Mount Rainier to the Olympics, Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon - this documentary is a story of the people who devoted themselves to the land they loved.

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Golden Apple

With the support of our longtime community partner, PEMCO Insurance, KCTS 9 Interactive archived and posted more than 230 video segments from 17 years of celebrating Washington state's best teachers, educators and educational programs.

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Washington State Exceptional Caregivers Award

With our new Washington State Exceptional Caregiver Awards, KCTS 9 is proud to advance early learning by honoring the practices of caregivers. The awards serve as an opportunity to inspire parents, caregivers and the community at large.

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