Play About "The Boys of ’36": Interview with the Filmmakers

The American Experience documentary, "The Boys of ’36" tells the story of the University of Washington rowing crew that went on to win the gold at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, and was the subject of Daniel James Brown’s book '‘The Boys in the Boat,’' which is the basis for the documentary.

Play Vote 2016: 7th Congressional District Primary Debate

KCTS 9 and Crosscut, in partnership with the University of Washington, present a one-hour debate with candidates vying to be among the two in the August 2nd primary election in order to advance to the November general election.

Play Three Roadblocks for Women in Tech

We sat down with Therese Huston, author of How Women Decide, to look at some of the top reasons it can be harder for women to succeed in the tech sector than men, the data behind those issues, and how they can be overcome.

Play August Wilson Monologue

The annual August Wilson Monologue Competition asks young actors to perform a scene from one of his powerful dramas. But it’s more than a competition; for many it’s about keeping a legacy alive.

Play Films of Prasanna Vithanage

In Seattle for a retrospective of his work, Sri Lankan director Prasanna Vithanage stopped by KCTS 9 for an interview about his films and Sri Lankan cinema during and after the country's 25-year-long civil war.

Play Path With Art

An intimate glimpse of the singing class from Path With Art, a non-profit organization that utilizes the arts to build community for people overcoming homelessness, addiction and traumas.

Play "We are all Trayvon" | An Interview With Sybrina Fulton

Sybrina Fulton is the mother of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who in 2012 was shot and killed in a violent confrontation with George Zimmerman. Sybrina Fulton recently visited Seattle University where she delivered a speech to students, faculty, alumni and the public titled "We Are All Trayvon". Before her talk, she sat down with KCTS 9’s Enrique Cerna for a conversation.

Play Seattle South Asian Film Festival 2015

KCTS 9 talks to Rita Meher, co-founder and executive director of Tasveer, the organization responsible for this film festival showcasing independent films from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

Play The Otherside

This Monday, viewers will get a closer look at what the hip-hop scene in Seattle sounds like. The Otherside features concert footage and personal interviews with some of the biggest names in the hip-hop community, including early game changers like Sir Mix-A-Lot and DJ Nasty Nes, as well as those currently taking the world by storm like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Play Race, Justice & Democracy

In partnership with The Center for a New Washington at Heritage University and Humanities Washington, KCTS 9 hosted an evening panel discussion about one of the most difficult and important issues facing our country: the relationship between a person's race and his or her experience of justice and democracy in the U.S. today.

Play Wildlife Detectives: The Hunt for Northwest Poachers

Elk relentlessly chased-down by ATV for their antlers. Sturgeon killed for caviar. Bald eagles slaughtered for their feathers. Northwest wildlife is falling prey to poachers. But determined wildlife officers are combatting illegal hunters. KCTS 9 and EarthFix investigate the alarming threats to Northwest wildlife, and the wildlife detectives trying to stop criminals from making a killing. - See mo

Play The Delegation Episode 3: The Veterans

The Veterans - Representatives Dave Reichert, Adam Smith, Jim McDermott, and Rick Larsen speak candidly about the state of Congress today, the root causes of the endless stalemates, how they all work together on behalf of Washington state, and what issues drive them apart.

Play Solving The Mystery Of Dying Starfish

Northwest experiments are helping scientists hone in on the cause of what's killing starfish by the tens of thousands along North America's Pacific shores. KCTS 9 and Earthfix Special Report.

Play The Delegation Episode 1: The Senators

In this episode 1, senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell share their successes, how gender unites them, and the challenges women still face in the halls of our Capitol. THE DELEGATION is a three-part series produced by KCTS 9.

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