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4m 38s

Golden Apple

The Golden Apple award honors successful teaching models and programs among Washington state educators and the public at large.

5m 15s

Ready, Set, Grow

A town hall special focusing on the early learning of children birth to 5. We explore brain development and the societal impact of early learning.

15m 21s

Rob McKenna: KCTS 9 Connects

Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna defends his legal challenge of healthcare reform, explains why he thinks the law passed by Congress this week is unconstitutional. McKenna explains why this kind of Federal government intervention is unprecedented in American history and what he tells citizens who call his office to disagree. Plus, how the controversy has sparked dueling Facebook pages.

8m 30s

Northwest Stories: The Iron Man of the Hoh

In the late 1800s, John Huelsdonk headed up the Hoh River to tame the last frontier in America, the interior of the Olympic Peninsula. He stood against the Federal Government, who wanted to turn his homestead into a National Park; the case went all the way to the Supreme Court. Huelsdonk won the court case and his family still lives on the land today.

9m 21s

Biodynamic Wine

It's the newest trend in wine-making that combines science and agriculture with astrology, mysticism and spirituality. Biodynamic wine makers use almost pagan-like rituals to produce their wines, promising to infuse them with as much cosmic karma as grape juice. Producer Jenny Cunningham shows us how biodynamic wine is made. Does it really make a better wine, or is it just vintner voodoo?

11m 30s

Hanford Clean Up

It's no secret that the Hanford Nuclear Reservation is one of the most contaminated places on the planet. The Government is spending billions of dollars in an attempt to stop the nuclear waste from reaching the Columbia River. How bad is the problem, and can it be fixed fast enough?

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