Play Inside an ambitious family farm in Delta Junction, Alaska

Bryce Wrigley opened The Alaska Flour Company in Delta Junction, AK in 2009 with the help of his family and they have been producing strictly Barley ever since. They plan on continuing in this family tradition and, with thousands of untouched acres ready to produce, they believe that the future of Agriculture will be grown in Alaska.

Play I Lived in Whittier, Alaska: A Town Under One Roof

Erika Fitzgerald jumped at the opportunity to teach in Alaska after graduate school. She didn't expect she'd be living and working in Whittier, a town where nearly all residents live in the same building, and the only way in and out is through a tunnel that closes each night.

Erika's story was first featured in 2013 and INDIE ALASKA contacted her to see how she felt about her time in Whittier.

Play Taking Disabled Kids on Epic Alaskan Adventures

Dan Redfield and his wife Kristen Frederic were excited, first-time parents when they had their daughter, Ava. As a young couple with a love for the outdoors, they started taking their daughter on adventures. When Ava was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs, a rare, genetic, fatal disease, taking Ava outside became more challenging. Now he helps disabled families have their own epic adventures.

Play Pamyua, Alaska's most famous Inuit band | INDIE ALASKA

Pamyua (bum-yo-ah) is a musical group that has gained worldwide recognition. Founded by Inuit Yup'ik African American brothers Phillip Kilirnguq Blanchett and Steven Qacungatarli Blanchett, the group produces music with traditional Yup’ik and African-American elements to create what they call "Inuit Soul." They are also the artists behind the theme song for the PBS Kids show, Molly of Denali.

Play A day in the life of a Russian pianist | INDIE ALASKA

Russia has a long history in Alaska since the fur trades. One notable member of the Russian Orthodox community in Anchorage is professional pianist, Margarita Merkusheva. Since moving to Alaska from Vladivostok 20 years ago, she's continued to advance her musical career by writing custom music for the Alaska Dance Theatre and giving piano lessons to dozens of families in the Russian community.

Play The Karelian Bear Dog: Protecting people and bears

Alaskans are used to seeing bears in their neighborhoods. Nils Pedersen and his Karelian Bear Dogs, Soledad, Rio, and Mardy work together to reduce human-bear conflict in Alaska. Nils is the Director of the Wind River Bear Institute, which was founded to provide innovative, non-lethal solutions to complex human-wildlife conflict issues.

Play Speed riding: Extreme skiing in the sky | INDIE ALASKA

Josh Randich lives a pretty quintessentially Alaska lifestyle. Grind in the summer and play in the winter. And the sport occupying most of his winters these days is speed riding. While the sport has most of its popularity in Europe, it's still relatively new in the U.S. But now, due largely to Josh's influence, the sport is growing in the Last Frontier.

Play John's Home Studio: Alaska's Most Underground Music Venue

John Larson always had a dream to have his own recording studio, and to work with the vibrant music scene in Alaska.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, restrictions for music venues left Musicians no where to perform. John saw this as an opportunity to turn his home studio into a livestream internet show every Friday Showcasing Alaskan musicians.

Play Could Seaweed Help Save the Planet? | INDIE ALASKA

Seaweed and kelp is a billion-dollar industry — one that has the potential to help alleviate the pressures of climate change. Currently, the biggest players in the kelp industry are out of Asia, but Seagrove Kelp Co. in Craig, Alaska is trying to prove that the Last Frontier could be a global seaweed competitor.

Play What is ski biking? And why is it so fun?! | INDIE ALASKA

Ski bikes are becoming more common at ski resorts across Europe and in some parts of the U.S., but Claudine Haynes is on a mission to bring it to Alaska. Inspired by her love of the easy-to-learn sport, she is building her own ski bikes and even inviting strangers to her house in Eagle River, AK to try it out themselves.

Play Beaded flowers and birds are a cultural link for this artist

Angela Łot'oydaatlno Gonzalez is a Koyukon Athabascan woman who learned traditional beading as a child. But with the hustle and bustle of adulthood, she lost touch with some of her Alaska Native cultural traditions. When she finally had the chance to start beading again she was reminded of its powerful cultural connection.

Play Where are they now? 100 Stone Project | INDIE ALASKA

Five years ago, INDIE ALASKA featured Sarah Davie's 100 Stone project, a massive sculpture installation in Anchorage that was used to shed light on individuals dealing with depression and suicide. We caught up with Sarah to see what the 100 Stone project meant to her and what she's working on now.

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