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I'll Have What Phil's Having
I'll Have What Phil's Having

I'll Have What Phil's Having

Embark on an international culinary expedition with Phil Rosenthal.

1m 5s

Bonus Scene: Petit Trois

In the 20-seat Los Angeles restaurant Petit Trois, Phil dines on one of the best chicken dishes in America.

3m 15s


Get a taste of kimchi, a Korean staple, from Los Angeles's Chef Roy Choi.

0m 45s

Preview | Episode 6: Los Angeles

Catch a sneak peek of Episode 6: Los Angeles (premiering Nov 2 at 10/9C), where Phil explores the culinary gems of his own backyard, inviting friends including Martin Short, Allison Janney, and Ray Romano to dine with him at his favorite food spots around town.

2m 55s

Phil Tries: Making Pancakes

Phil meets former "Everybody Loves Raymond" writer Steve Nathan for breakfast at Steve's daughter Zoe's popular bakery in Los Angeles, where Phil is put to work making pancakes.

1m 4s

Bonus Scene: Max's Joke

Phil's not the only funny man in the Rosenthal family! Max Rosenthal, Phil's father, tells a joke during a lunch with Paul Reiser and Norman Lear.

3m 58s

Phil Tries: Slicing Ham

Phil visits Vila Viniteca in Barcelona for a lesson in all things jamon–Spain’s most prized culinary export. Under the watchful eye of Catalan jamon experts Frank Manjavagas and Maxime LeBron, Phil attemps to slice the ham himself

0m 45s

Preview | Episode 5: Barcelona

Catch a sneak peek of Episode 5: Barcelona (premiering Oct 26 at 10/9C), where Phil travels to the capital of Catalonia in search of the best tapas, to celebrate the Sant Joan festival, and to get a lesson in the art of slicing jamon, one of Spain's most prized culinary exports.

2m 53s

Phil Tries: Tapas

Phil joins Emil Samper for cutting edge tapas at Taverna el Succulent, where Phil gets a lesson on the origins of the Spanish tradition.

1m 5s

Bonus Scene: Shumai

Phil's love for dim sum draws him to the kitchens of Tim Ho Wan to try his hand at making a traditional Chinese pork dumpling called shumai.

0m 45s

Preview | Episode 4: Hong Kong

Catch a sneak peek of Episode 4: Hong Kong (premiering Oct 19 at 10/9C), where Phil dines on the city's best dim sum, gets a lesson in the art of tai chi, and bravely tries a century old egg.

1m 5s

Bonus Scene: Sister Wah

Phil stops at Sister Wah for one of the best cheap lunches in Hong Kong: brisket and noodles in a clear broth.

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