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2m 57s

Miami's Alma Dance Theater

Miami-born Marissa Alma Nick founded an all-female dance theater to support women and their agency over their bodies through dance. Watch Nick and members of Alma Dance Theater reclaim space through powerful movements across the city's beaches and colorful arts district and into its nightclubs.

3m 9s

Memphis Jookin: A Ballet for the Streets

Jookin, born out of the Memphis rap music scene in the ’90s, is often referred to as "urban ballet". The dance, performed in sneakers as opposed to pointe shoes, is all about footwork: graceful slides, dizzying toe spins and impossible-looking ankle breaks.

3m 8s

Oakland Turf Dancing

Emerging from the streets in the early 2000s, turfing has become synonymous with Oakland. Short for 'taking up room on the floor,' the dance form unites dancers across The Town, with older dancers passing down the craft through all-ages battles and after-school workshops.

3m 37s

Mexican Folk Dance in Fresno, CA

Los diablos de Juxtlahuaca Oaxaca—agricultural workers from the town of San Miguel Cuevas who emigrated to Fresno—dance behind handmade masks and under animal furs. Watch the whip-wielding, barely controlled frenzy that is the Danza de los Diablos.

3m 10s

Community-Building in Seattle's Popping Scene and Beyond

Angel Alviar-Langley (a.k.a. Moonyeka) runs a movement-based program for black and brown girls, welcoming like-minded women and LGBTQ+ people into the dance scene. Watch her and other dancers pop, strut and waack at the Seattle Center, across the Jose Rizal Bridge and in the alleyways of the International district.

2m 58s

East Bay Hip-Hop Dance in Richmond, CA

For the members of the dance troupe, Richmond’s heyday isn’t resigned to its rich WWII-era history. All born and raised in the East Bay city, the dancers perform a mixture of styles influenced by krumping, hip-hop moves, African dance and modern ballet.

2m 55s

Chicago Footwork: A Lightning-Fast Dance of Resistance

Chicago footwork serves as the backbone of street dance battles, but it's more than just rapid moves—it’s a way to express an alternative to violence and other effects of poverty. Get to know a handful of Chicago's brightest footwork dancers, who challenge the city’s legacy of segregation.

4m 17s

Native American Hoop Dancing and Hip-Hop in Minneapolis

Micco and his older brother Samsoche are well known on powwow grounds and beyond for their impressive hoop dance routines, which are often performed to the beat of Native hip-hop. Watch them perform traditional hoop dance formations in front of Minneapolis’ American Indian Center, on the Mississippi’s Stone Arch Bridge and underneath the Hennepin Avenue overpass.

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