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Play Standing Tall

Ed discovers a book on the Himalayas and becomes fascinated. He escapes from home at every opportunity and eventually learns the ropes of mountain climbing in the Southern Alps.

Play Louise

Ed and George climb in the Himalayas and Ed is offered the chance to climb Everest. Despite his renown as an incredible climber, Ed is extremely shy; when he meets Louise he falls in love but cannot pluck up the courage to tell her.

Play Everest

The Swiss have failed and Everest is a possibility for both Ed and George. Ed meets Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and finally feels he has met a climbing partner who is as driven as he is.

Play Home

Ed might have conquered the tallest mountain in the world but that is easier than proposing to Louise. Despite world fame he is back beekeeping but is offered an adventure that promises a lot but delivers a host of difficulties, not only with the terrain.

Play The Race to the Pole

Bunny Fuchs is crossing Antarctica and Ed is on the opposite side setting up supply bases for the second half of Bunny’s journey. Ed is bored and missing home. As his supply bases get closer to the South Pole, he decides he wants to make it there himself.

Play Heartbreak

After an emergency in the mountains Ed must reconsider his priorities. He and Louise devote their time to building schools in Nepal. When tragedy strikes, Ed’s life falls apart until he is convinced to travel the entire length of the Ganges where he must reconcile himself with fate.

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