Play How Hard is it to Run a Marathon?

At the start of last year, Craig decided to run a marathon. Over 11 months, through shin splints, knee pain, and freezing weather, Craig trained to run 26.2 miles. Did his training pay off? You'll just have to watch and see!

Play Will Bananas be Wiped Out By Disease?

Bananas are delicious, but they're also a crucial part of a lot of peoples' diets, and for the past few years a fungal menace has been spreading and wiping out banana crops all over the world. And it may mean the end of the banana as we know it.

Play What Does it Take to be a Professional Wrestler?

Carl Wilson has been working the freelance professional wrestling circuit for over a decade now. In the ring, he's Suge D, but by day, he's the manager of a cellphone store. Will he ever make it as a professional wrestler? What drives him to continue pursuing his dream?

Play Why Does Charles Trippy Put His Life on the Internet?

Charles Trippy has been uploading his life to youtube every day for 7 years. In that time, he has been married and divorced, won the Guinness World Record twice, and gone through two brain surgeries. And he shows no signs of stopping. Who is Charles Trippy? Why does he do it?

Play What the Heck is Dark Matter?

85% of the mass of our universe is made up of dark matter--a type of matter that we cannot see or detect, but without it, galaxies would not exist and the universe as we know it would be very different. What is dark matter? Where is dark matter? How can we find dark matter?

Play The Secret Life and Art of Henry Darger

Henry Darger is one of the most famous outsider artists in the world. But no one knew about his art while he was alive. Why he kept it a secret is a mystery but we’re going to try and find out by examining the only evidence he left behind—his art.

Play Visiting Area 51

Area 51 might be the most well-known top secret military base in the world. It has appeared in movies, tv, books, and video games. Yet we still don't know what is going on in there. We take a trip to the middle of nowhere to find out what's going on with Area 51! What goes on in Area 51?

Play Earthships: Living Off The Grid

An Earthship is a home that captures its own water, recycles its own sewage, and produces all its own electricity and food. It's meant to function completely independent of the power grid or any infrastructure at all. Do we need the grid? Can we live off the grid?

Play Is Nuclear Power Good Or Bad?

We used to think nuclear power would solve all of our energy problems. What happened? Why do we fear nuclear power and is our fear justified? What is nuclear power and does it still have a place in our energy future?

Play Why We Need a Revolution In Energy Storage

If we ever want to get off fossil fuels and start using renewable energy, we're going to need a revolution in energy storage. That means batteries. Bigger, stronger, and just better, ok? And maybe, just maybe, we'll finally be able to realize humanity's dream of confusing the ghost of Thomas Edison!

Play What is the Power Grid?

Joe Hanson from It's Okay To Be Smart gives Craig the rundown on energy and the electrical grid. Where does our electricity come from? How are fossil fuels formed? What is the largest machine in the world?

Play Can You Build A Warp Drive (In A Garage)?

David Pares is building a warp drive. In his garage. Using parts from Radio Shack and Home Depot. Can he actually build a warp drive? Could an Alcubierre drive be physically possible? What the heck is a warp drive??

Play Can We Find an Earth-Like Planet?

Exoplanet research is a young science but it is growing up fast. Barely 25 years old, and we've already pinpointed over 2000 exoplanets orbiting distant stars. But can we find an Earth-like planet? Yes! But not exactly like Earth. But that may be coming soon . . . . How do we find exoplanets?

Play The Next Great Moon Race

It's been over four decades since the US went to the moon. But Astrobotic plans on going back! And they won't be alone. Multiple teams from all over the world are competing for the Google Lunar X prize. May the fastest robot win! Will we go back to the moon? Can we live on the moon?

Play How to Start a Fire the Old Fashioned Way

The Good Stuff Crew drops Craig in the middle of the woods and makes him attempt to start a fire the way our ancestors did thousands of years ago. Without a lighter, without matches, without the conveniences of modern civilization, could you start a fire?

Play Can We Make a Pet Dinosaur?

Can Dinosaurs be brought back from extinction? Would a Dinosaur make a good pet? Renowned Paleontologist and Jurassic World advisor Jack Horner seems to think so, and it turns out that the key to reviving these long-gone creatures might be hiding in the DNA of their living relatives; birds.

Play The Rare Albino Squirrels of Olney, Illinois

Olney is a small midwestern town like any other. Except for its squirrels. For some reason, it has an unusually large population of albino gray squirrels. And the population is in trouble. Can Olney save its squirrels?

Play Inside Biosphere 2

Craig goes to Biosphere 2--the largest closed system ever created--and learns about the science of recreating the Earth's ecosystems. How do we build a space colony? Can we re-create nature? Was Biosphere 2 a failure?

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