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Finding America
Finding America

Finding America

Inventing new storytelling models with citizens who help us tell a new story of diversity.

8m 2s

Iñupiaq Inside

In Alaska, climate change threatens the natural world, and the cultural history held by rural and Native communities. Cordelia Kellie first truly felt at home when she started learning the Iñupiaq language and visited her mother’s hometown, Wainwright. Now she shares her knowledge and pride in Alaska Native culture with other youth Alaskans.

3m 29s

Shake & Bake Saved My Life

It used to be called Charm City. Now, the Baltimore: Rise of Charm City team seeks the hidden, forgotten allure of Baltimore — and its modern charms — with storytelling in assisted living facilities, libraries, churches, and community centers. Manager Anthony Williams calls Shake & Bake Family Fun Center a safe haven for old and young alike.

5m 53s

Paralyzed But Still Moving

A daily ritual — the commute — shapes our exploration of mobility, access, and economic movement from the margins of a city to its center. In PARALYZED BUT STILL MOVING, Dorian Taylor is an inspired athlete, not just in spite of being paralyzed from the waist down, but also because of it.

5m 5s

My Fourth Life

One percent of America’s population bears a large burden: military service. At Fort Drum, thousands are actively serving. In the surrounding communities, thousands more are military retirees. Feed our Vets pantry director Tonia Russell cares for veterans, active service members and herself at the organization’s monthly food pantry.

3m 36s

The Most Beautiful Hot Dogs

Jesus Guerrero sells Sonoran hot dogs outside Tucson City Court in a cart called Hot Dog Tutuli. The meaning behind the name? "The most beautiful" in the Yaqui language.

6m 37s

Glory in All Things Creek

Oklahoma is home to 39 federally recognized Indian tribes - some of whom came to the state on the Trail of Tears. The multimedia project GLORY IN ALL THINGS REEK investigates and explores the lives of Native people in stories that go beyond, as one subject puts it, "powwows, gambling and diabetes."

4m 31s

The Accidental Baker

Storymakers work with storymakers — people who live in one of the South’s most diverse and fast-growing cities — to explore divisions of race, class, and opportunity. In THE ACCIDENTAL BAKER, Courtney Smith hated baking at first but is now learning how to perfect it at Loaf bakery in Durham.

5m 24s

Growing Up Philadelphia

GROWING UP PHILADELPHIA is a community-based project creating a portrait of the city - giving residents a chance to see and hear each other in new ways. Diane Precht grew up in a tight-knit black community in a Philadelphia neighborhood once known as Jewtown or New Jerusalem. The area has declined and she wonders: what if she'd stayed?

5m 29s

May It Be So

Richmond is a city of monuments, but many people who live there say the monuments don't tell the whole story of the city. MAY IT BE SO is about how Richmond remembers its past, through the voices of the people who live in the city now. In partnership with WVTF.

6m 3s

The Fresh Prince of Anacostia

What if a radio station sounded like the people it covers? In Anacostia, a historically black and underreported neighborhood, Kymone Freeman, co-owner of We Act Radio, wants to stop displacement of his neighbors as gentrification closes in.

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