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19m 23s

She Isn't Here

A woman grapples with her life-long severe anxiety. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a sympathetic co-worker. A film by Michelle Noland.

13m 30s

Dios Nunca Muere

An undocumented, single mother risks her freedom in order to support her young daughter. A film by Tanya Nunez.

3m 25s

Let's Be Gentle


A family prepares to defend themselves when they learn a girl's abusive father has been released from prison. A film by Kelly McKay.

7m 25s

Hard Candy

Hard Candy is an electro-pop, animated noir film that follows two shadowy agents on a mission through the underbelly of Oakland, California. A film by Henry McClellan.

3m 48s

The Stick

While playing with his friends, young Henry threw a boomerang that never came back. Now a grown man, he spends his life in fear of its inevitable return. In desperation, he seeks out professional help in this animated short film. A film by Renua Giwa-Amu.

8m 43s


An overachiever named Gwen is obsessed with eggs. Her passion has led to four consecutive wins for "Best Dish" at the Blue Briar Neighborhood Fair. Gwen enjoys being the reigning fair queen until a crushing loss in the Spring of 2009 steals her thunder. Will she reclaim her title this year? A film by Madeline Snapp.

6m 20s

The Scar

Restricted by the oppressive summer heat, a single-minded mother, and the limits of childhood, a young girl's outing to the corner store stirs an unexpected self-realization in this quiet coming-of-age film. A film by Brittney Shepherd.

17m 43s

Young Adult

On the last day of summer camp, a teenage girl with cerebral palsy confronts institutional obstacles in addition to the regular challenges of young love in order to connect with her hot counselor crush. Will she woo him before the summer ends? A film by Jake Yuzna.

13m 43s

How Far She Went

Adapted from the Flannery O’Connor Award-winning short story by Mary Hood, How Far She Went examines the quarrelsome relationship between a hardened grandmother, her estranged granddaughter, and how sacrifice can reveal the depths of love. A film by Ugla Hauksdottir.

3m 19s

Do You Hear The Frog?

Vintage musical toys provide the soundtrack for this cute and catchy animated short. Frogs and other
swamp pals each perform a signature dance move, but the amphibious party goes awry when an
unexpected guest arrives. A film by Karli Melder.

12m 42s

Girls N’ Boyze

Two teen sisters working the night shift at a small town convenience store have their minds blown when their favorite boy band shows up on a snack run. However, their teenage dreams are soon shattered when the boys are not as dreamy as expected. A film by Madeline Jordan

19m 24s


A new romance between two women from different backgrounds becomes complicated when a street musician loses her home. A short film exploring intimacy, gender expression, and privilege. A film by Jackson Kroopf.

15m 55s

Where Mothbloods Bloom

Autumn, fed up and exhausted, cuts ties with her heroin addict boyfriend in a gas station parking lot. Stranded and alone, she approaches a truck driver eating by himself. The two strangers find a common bond as they awkwardly share a table. A film by Grant Conversano.

20m 45s


Based on disturbing true events that shook California's child welfare system, two at-risk kids run away from a group home facility but find that life on the streets isn't any easier.

A film by Varun Chopra.

17m 52s


Ten days after the death of her partner, Athina arrives on the Greek island of Skyros to clear out the shared summer house where they once lived together. A film by Mavra Peponis.

3m 33s


Sick of being reincarnated? There's a support group for that. No matter what body he is born into, Harls can't catch a break in this stop motion animated short by Kenzie Sutton.

4m 19s

Leave With Me

The world surrounding an ostracized schoolgirl becomes twisted and menacing in this surreal short animation. A film by Mel Wong.

6m 44s

Crushed In Space

Unrequited romance is tough, especially when you're light years away from earth. Two coworkers navigate a workplace crush on the other side of the asteroid belt in this sweet and hilarious animated short by Janice Chun.

8m 27s

Memories of the Sea


Fidel is a six-year-old with lots of opinions, but he doesn't quite understand the changes happening in his family. A film by Thais Drassinower.

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