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"Above the Sea" | Behind-the-Scenes

Join director of 'Above the Sea,' Keola Racela, at the 2014 Student Academy Awards. He gives Film School Shorts staff member Aldo Mora-Blanco an inside look at developing the concept for 'Above the Sea,' and some of the challenges of making a film in a language that is not your own.

0m 39s

"I Feel Stupid" | Trailer

An awkward teenage girl reconnects with a childhood friend who is quite mature. A short film by Milena Pastreich.

1m 9s

Season 6 Teaser

Film School Shorts is back with determined women, cute dogs, dancing frogs and many other unexpected twists from the emerging filmmakers showcased this season. Check your local station for broadcast listings and watch full episodes online!

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Season Five Teaser


Film School Shorts is a weekly series showcasing short films from across the country. From compelling dramas to feel-good rom-coms, every episode is Hollywood quality without the three-hour run time. Make some popcorn and sit back for 30 minutes of fantastic filmmaking.

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Season 4 | Teaser

This season contains some of the nation's best short films from schools like NYU, Columbia, Rhode Island School of Design, AFI and more!

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Season 1 | Trailer

FILM SCHOOL SHORTS is a half-hour weekly series that showcases short student films from across the country. Each week, viewers can watch hot new episodes featuring quirky comedies, slice-of-life dramas and hard-hitting thrillers from cutting edge filmmakers. Short Films + Big Productions = FILM SCHOOL SHORTS. Check local listings.

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