Play Best Of - Another Year of Travel

From Florida to California, Colleen and her family have traveled far and wide across the country in the past year. Now, she wants to share with you her favorite things to do and places to visit in Season 5! We’ll take you back to Chickasaw Country, reminisce about the dude ranch in Tucson, and marvel at our breathtaking trip to the Grand Canyon. Here's to another year of travel!

Play Clearwater, Florida - City by the Sea

From baseball games to marine life rehabilitation, Clearwater is the hotspot for your next Florida getaway. Colleen and her daughters take in a minor league baseball game, catch and cook their own food straight from the ocean, learn about the importance of the rescue and rehabilitation of marine life, and check out all the amazing things that can be built with sand.

Play Best Food - Coast to Coast Cuisine

Content rating: TV-G

From chocolate in Switzerland to freshly caught fish in Florida, "Family Travel" has explored food all over the world and the U.S.. In this special compilation episode, we take a look back at some of the most unique, amazing, and delicious foods and restaurants we've explored over the course of the show. Plus, discover Colleen's most daring food experience!

Play Orange County, California - Irvine & Dana Point

The family continues their Southern California road trip in Irvine, where they ride electric bikes at Pedego and explore Irvine's International Dining Destination, Diamond Jamboree. They then round out their trip in Dana Point, with a visit to the Ocean Institute to learn about ocean conservation, and finish their day with a whale and dolphin watching excursion they'll never forget.

Play Orange County, California - Buena Park

Content rating: TV-G

The family begins their trip in Buena Park, California, where they explore Knott's Berry Farm. After all the adventure, it's time to check out local hotspot, Porto's Bakery. The girls also make (and take a shot at eating) the biggest ice cream sundae at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour, bounce off the walls at Big Air Trampoline Park, and get "captured" by friendly pirates at Pirate's Dinner Adventure.

Play Grand Canyon, Arizona - Beauty in the Canyons

Content rating: TV-G

Colleen and her family are headed to the Grand Canyon, where they explore the canyon, marvel at the amazing views, and take in all the breathtaking sights and sounds this natural wonder has to offer. While in Northern Arizona, they also pay a visit to Bearizona to learn about the wildlife and meet some friendly otters, and take a real wild west train ride on the Grand Canyon Railway!

Play Mendocino County, California

Content rating: TV-G

In Mendocino County, California, Colleen and her family hop on board the historic Skunk Train for a journey through the stunning Redwood Forests and even drive through an actual tree! They also learn the importance of environmental protection at the Solar Living Institute, take an adventurous canoe ride on the Big River, and even meet some friendly and adorable goats at the Pennyroyal Farm.

Play Tucson, Arizona - Life on the Ranch

Content rating: TV-G

In Tucson, Arizona, Colleen, her family and friends stay at the White Stallion Ranch, where they get to live like cowgirls, horseback riding, tending to the animals, and experiencing an authentic cookout. While in Tucson, they also learn about all the wildlife of the desert at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and visit the El Charro Café of Tucson, home of the original chimichanga.

Play Discovering Chickasaw Country, Oklahoma - Girls Getaway

Moms need a break too, and Chickasaw Country offers endless unique experiences for the ladies to enjoy. While they do take some time to enjoy a girls' night out, the women also get adventurous. They go ziplining, drive ATVs, learn about the history of the Chickasaw Women, and marvel at the natural beauty of Chickasaw Country. Join us in this unique episode that embraces female empowerment!

Play Discovering Chickasaw Country, Oklahoma - Family Style

Content rating: TV-G

In Chickasaw Country in Oklahoma, Colleen learns the significance of the traditional Stomp Dance, tries her hand at a game of Stickball, and tastes some local cuisine. One of the most delicious treats? Fried pies at Arbuckle Mountain. As Colleen submerges herself in the Chickasaw Culture, she'll not only create lasting, fun memories, but she'll learn about the history of the Chickasaw People.

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