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Everything But the News

Everything But the News

Follow the misadventures of Steve Goldbloom as he reports on the California startup scene.

2m 54s

Free Lunch at The Best Restaurant in America

Steve stops by State Bird Provisions, a small plates restaurant in San Francisco that has ranked among the top restaurants in the United States. He told us he was going there to examine the intersection between food and technology, but after watching this, we think he had other ideas.

3m 21s

Is This the Best Toast Ever?

The Bay Area is gaining a reputation for more than just its booming tech culture. Steve Goldbloom visits one of San Francisco's hottest new spots for...toast?

1m 38s

Truth in Tweets @ SxSW

What if you could read what the people around you were thinking? Steve Goldboom tests a new gadget at SxSW that promises to do just that...almost.

2m 49s

Are We Ready for Robots?

Steve Goldbloom visits Stanford University's Salisbury Robotics Lab and meets some frighteningly advanced robots...and their creators.

2m 45s

Smart Phone? Try Smart Cup.

Ever wondered what it'd be like to have a smart...cup? Steve visits the headquarters of Mark One, makers of a new product called Vessyl, a cup that knows more about its contents than you do.

3m 9s

Is this the Uber for Groceries?

Too busy, tired, and/or lazy to shop for groceries? There’s an app for that! Steve tries out Instacart, a new service that enlists the help of local “personal shoppers" to buy and deliver groceries to your door in under an hour. Will Instacart become the Uber for groceries?

2m 23s

Hungry? There's an app for that.

When Noah forgets to pack lunch, Steve decides to try out three of San Francisco's hottest instant food delivery startups: Spoonrocket, Sprig and Caviar.

2m 0s

What Happened to Steve?

Cub reporter Steve Goldbloom is back from the brink to cover the latest, most absurd tech trends in the Bay Area and beyond. Everything But the News is a PBS Digital Studios production. For more videos, visit

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