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Check, Please! Northwest
Check, Please! Northwest

Check, Please! Northwest

A lively, unpredictable showcase for a vibrant Puget Sound and Pacific NW food scene.

28m 0s

On the Road

From decadent dining on Whidbey Island to old-fashioned comfort food in Sumner, this week our guests travel to their favorite restaurants outside of Seattle.

27m 36s

Steelhead Diner, Dinette, St. Dames

Enjoy fresh seafood at Steelhead Diner in the heart of Pike Place Market, savor decadent toasts and delicious sangria at Dinette in Capitol Hill (currently relocating) and visit St. Dames in Columbia City for inspired, meat-free comfort food.

27m 5s

Grub, Din Tai Fung, Preservation Kitchen

Explore a melting pot of flavors at Grub on Queen Anne, fill up on delicate steamed dumplings at Din Tai Fung in Bellevue and enjoy culinary traditions from the Northwest at Preservation Kitchen in Bothell.

28m 22s

Black Bottle, Kona Kitchen, Volterra

Get Hawaiian-style cuisine in big portions at Kona Kitchen in Maple Leaf, enjoy full-flavored rustic food for sharing at Black Bottle in Belltown and stop in at Volterra in Ballard for contemporary Italian dining and drinks.

25m 48s

Geraldine’s Counter, Café Presse, RockCreek

Eat breakfast all day at Geraldine’s Counter in Columbia City, sample casual Parisian cuisine at Café Presse on Capitol Hill and indulge in seafood from around the world at RockCreek in Fremont.

27m 41s

Purple Café, Epulo, Mai Thaiku

Choose from hundreds of wines at Purple Café in Kirkland, taste decadent desserts at Epulo in Edmonds and explore Thai street food at Mai Thaiku on Phinney Ridge.

25m 23s

909 Coffee and Wine, The Buttered Biscuit & The Commons

Looking for breakfast outside of Seattle? This week our guests are crazy for eggs benedict, veggie scrambles, cinnamon rolls and French toast at their favorite restaurants: The Commons in Woodinville, 909 Coffee & Wine in Burien, and The Buttered Biscuit in Sumner.

27m 21s

Miyabi 45th, Rione XIII & Café Flora

Check out the handmade soba noodles at Miyabi 45th in Wallingford, head to Capitol Hill for wood-fired pizzas at Rione XIII and try a vegetarian brunch at Café Flora in Madison Valley.

26m 16s

Hunger, Gianfranco & Szmania’s

Guests recommend the continental cuisine with a twist at Hunger in Fremont, the German schnitzels and strudels at Szmania’s in Magnolia and the family-friendly Italian dining at Gianfranco in Snoqualmie. Note: Hunger in Fremont has closed since the taping of this episode.

24m 15s

Portage Bay Café, Pair & Café Munir

Survey the pancake bar at Portage Bay Café in South Lake Union, sample the small plates at Pair in Ravenna and savor the spices of Lebanon at Café Munir in Ballard.

27m 34s

Maximilien, Taste of India & La Isla

Let your taste buds take a trip around the world. Escape to a French bistro in the heart of Seattle, then sample a taste of India in the Roosevelt District and hit a Puerto Rican happy hour in Redmond.

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