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55m 40s

Farmer Needs a Robot


A group of pioneering scientists take their robots into the world of agriculture to see if they can help keep Australian farmers on the land by tackling some of their biggest challenges. Rated PG

55m 46s

Can Seaweed Save the World


Seaweed itself is a food with many advantages - feeding the right kind of seaweed to cattle can reduce the amount of methane they produce. It also has the potential to help improve human health. Rated G

50m 12s

Back to the Moon


The race to the moon is back on. After a quiet half a century since the last Apollo mission landed on the moon, Associate Professor Alan Duffy takes us inside the new space race, where innovators and big dreamers are rewriting the rule book on space exploration. Rated G

54m 19s

Sleep Matters


Actor, comedian and sleep deprived new dad Lawrence Leung explores the latest science behind sleep to find out what he’s missing out on and if he even needs it at all. Rated PG

55m 23s

How to Exercise Better


We all know exercise is good for us. But how many of us really know what kind of exercise we should be doing, how much of it we need or how hard we should push ourselves? Rated G

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