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Episode 12 Preview | Carmen Yulín Cruz

Track the route of San Juan’s Mayor Cruz after Puerto Rico was slammed by a catastrophic hurricane. The city leader stood up and fought for relief aid, becoming the heroic voice of her struggling island and the Puerto Rican people.

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Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Stands Up To Her Own Party

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz won't allow the views of her political party to define who she is. Despite the machismo culture that runs rampant in Puerto Rico's political system, she doesn't let this double standard block her from creating progress.

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Carmen Yulin Cruz Runs For Office

As a young girl, Carmen Yulin Cruz aspired to be the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. She first ran for the House of Representatives in 2001, but lost. Not easily discouraged, she ran once more and was victorious.

1m 23s

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Changes Her Views

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz never questioned her stance on egalitarian marriage until she met a gay couple with a longer running track record than her own. With an open mind, she began to explore the possibilities of a more progressive party.

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Episode 11 Preview | Christian Siriano

Learn how sartorial savant Siriano parlayed confidence and a singular vision into a “Project Runway” victory. See how he surmounted rejection from FIT and created one of the most socially conscious and successful fashion lines in the industry.

1m 22s

Christian Siriano Feels the Recession

With his career just getting off the ground, fashion designer Christian Siriano felt the weight of the 2008 recession as much as the rest of the country. With labels and brands less willing to spend, Siriano had to work even harder to succeed.

1m 20s

Christian Siriano Builds a Brand

After winning Project Runway, Christian Siriano was faced with the difficult task of staying relevant in the notoriously fickle and demanding fashion industry. Experts explain just how challenging that world is, and how Christian was able to create his own unique brand.

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Christian Siriano Loves Transformation

As a child, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano became enamored with the transformative nature of fashion after watching his mother create costumes for his sister's ballet recitals.

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Gretchen Carlson: Champion of Change

Television Commentator Gretchen Carlson is honored for taking a stand for herself during a time that wasn't as welcoming to the plights of sexual harassment.

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Gretchen Carlson on Joining Miss America

While attending Oxford, Television Commentator Gretchen Carlson was considering giving up the violin. But in an attempt to prolong her playing and continue using her talent, her parents suggested Gretchen compete for Miss America. Despite her tomboy upbringing, Gretchen dedicated herself to the challenge and broke through those barriers.

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Episode 10 Preview | Gretchen Carlson

See how former FOX News anchor Carlson—a Miss America winner and Stanford graduate—found the strength to sue her employers for sexual harassment and become an advocate for working women everywhere.

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Lee Daniels Had a Creative Childhood

Writer and Director Lee Daniels knew from a young age that he was destined for Hollywood. As a child, Daniels wrote plays and directed his siblings and the kids from the neighborhood. This creativity sparked a passion that would end up becoming a career.

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Episode 9 Preview | Lee Daniels

Trace Daniels’ path from West Philly to his the red-hot center of Hollywood. Learn how he conquered both the independent and mainstream sides of Hollywood, directing and producing critical darlings like The Butler and Empire.

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Lee Daniels Faces Death

Lee Daniels, Hollywood Film & Television director, recalls his self-destructive streak during the AIDS epidemic that took the lives of so many friends. With no end in sight, Lee believed he would inevitably fall victim to the virus and turned to drugs get through those dark times.

0m 56s

Lee Daniels Moves to Hollywood

Following his father's dreams, director Lee Daniels set off to become a lawyer but soon realized that his own ambitions were to write and direct. With a few dollars to spare for a bus ticket, he took the leap to Hollywood to make his own dreams a reality.

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Episode 8 Preview | Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Discover how Sen. Gillibrand started out representing a conservative district in upstate New York, then made a name as a politician willing to transcend simple ideology. Learn what drove her unlikely rise and her role as a leading voice for women’s rights.

1m 5s

Kirsten Gillibrand Faces Rejection

After many rejections, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was given the opportunity to work at HUD, where she served during the last seven months of the Clinton Administration. This position gave Kirsten the self-motivation to run for office.

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Kirsten Gillibrand on Fearlessness

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand remembers her grandmother's involvement in politics. Watching her grandmother organize groups for women sparked Kirsten's interest, which led to her unstoppable passion for helping others.

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Kirsten Gillibrand Starting a Political Career

When she was a lawyer, current Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand attended an event that Hillary Clinton spoke out about participating in politics. It was at this event that she realized she wanted to run for office.

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