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Behind the Lens

Pete Lee’s Bold Filmmaking Traverses Genres

Behind the Lens

Pete Lee’s Bold Filmmaking Traverses Genres

4m 32s

The Taiwanese-born director and lifelong kung-fu aficionado has worked on martial arts shorts, music videos and a Sundance-selected heist film, 'Don't Be A Hero'.

4m 25s

Eugene Kim Captures Important Moment in Asian-American Music

For his short film ‘Cherry,’ filmmaker Eugene Kim pulled from his own memories of growing up in 90s Daly City, California, when Filipino DJs were pioneering a new style, B-Boys competed at car shows and everyone knew they were part of a historic moment in music history.

7m 48s

Peter Nicks Navigates Opposing Worlds in 'The Force'

Inspired in part by the HBO series 'The Wire' and drawing on his own experiences with law enforcement, Bay Area filmmaker Peter Nicks of 'The Force' spent two years embedded with the Oakland Police, capturing the most turbulent period in the department's history.

5m 1s

‘Moses’ Documentary About Homelessness Changes Lives

When Fran Guijarro made a short film about a man who had experienced nearly two decades of homelessness, he never imagined it would be the beginning of a 10-year-long documentary project that transformed the lives of everyone involved.

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