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#FijiChallenge w/ Walshy Fire of Major Lazer

Walshy Fire plays you a Fijian Chant, Apple Juice Kid tells you the basics of Moombahton, we play the winning beat from the Senegal Challenge, and you get a chance to be featured on Mad Decent and Beat Making Lab via ETC!ETC!.

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Sampling w/ Flip Flops and Ski Beatz

A man in Fiji hits a PVC pipe with a flip flop, that sound meets a 17-year-old drummer in North Carolina. A beat is created. And around it all, Platinum selling producer Ski Beatz (producer for Jay Z, Camp Lo and Jay Electronica) lets us know why he even samples in the first place.

0m 0s

Trapped In Paradise

Welcome to Fiji. Local rapper/producer Dave Lavaki (aka Mr. Grin) explains how they are building a scene 8000 miles away from the music industry.

9m 59s

Heartbeats of Fiji

Ben is searching for purpose. Masi is following a dream. From separate islands, yet connected through Hip Hop and Electronic music production, their paths crossed at the Fiji Beat Making Lab.

2m 28s

Behind The Beat: First Beat Making Lab (2011)

The first Beat Making Lab was launched at UNC-Chapel Hill in the Fall semester of 2011, as a 3 credit hour course in the music department founded by Dr. Mark Katz (now the chair of the music department) and Stephen Levitin (aka Apple Juice Kid). This episode, shot and edited by UNC student Jon Kasbe for Reese News, shows the on-campus origins of the now international program.

2m 31s

Get Your Drums Right

Why do so many beginning producers' beats sound flat? Because they make the error of using the factory drum sounds that come with their beat making software. One of the cardinal rules of beat making is: if you want to create an interesting beat - start with an original kit.

2m 0s

Health Worker Beat

Ina, a Senegalese beat making student, takes a field trip to an Intrahealth hospital to make a beat. She records baby squeals and blood pressure gauges; and interviews health workers and community leaders about family planning. These recordings were then delivered to a group of Fijian beat making students, who composed an instrumental entirely comprised of the found sounds.

2m 44s

Female Hip Hop Crew Makes Beats in Senegal

"The people need a female rapper," says Toussa, the president of GOTAL; an all-women's collective of Senegalese rappers, producers, singers and beat makers who paired with a woman-led NGO called Speak Up Africa to write songs about global health issues in their communities.

4m 2s

Behind the Beat: Portobelo

Apple Juice Kid samples comparsa band Barrio Fino, records hip hop/jazz quartet The Beast and flirts with renowned vocalist Yomira John in this episode, which reveals the production behind the song "Portobelo."

0m 0s

Portobelo (music video)

During a blackout in Panama, we filmed this amazing video with Yomira. Lit by an iPhone and recorded with a usb mic. Check out the color explosion and how the graphics come alive at the 2min mark. Thanks Pan II Creative!

2m 56s

Episode 1: Goma, Congo

Professor Pierce Freelon and Apple Juice Kid collaborate with youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo at Yole!Africa.

1m 51s

Field Trip: Prison Beats

In this video we make a beat in a prison, in the rain forests of Gamboa, Panama with Professor Angel Sound (an incarcerated DJ who was blackmailed into muling cocaine for the Nigerian mafia) and his fellow inmate, who loves Macaroni and Cheese.

3m 5s

Diablos (music video)

Beat produced and lyrics written by the youth of Portobelo, Panama. Created in a Beat Making Lab at La Escuelita del Ritmo. Inspired by festival de los Diablos y Congos.

2m 36s

Panama: Meet the Kids Behind the Beats

Yaci, Osvaldo and Darin - three Panamanian youth - go from cowbell to MPC while learning the skills to become beat makers. Check us out Wednesdays for more stories, and beats from Panamanian festivals, schools and prisons. In Portobelo, Panama a Beat Making Lab was established at La Escuelita Del Ritmo.

2m 45s

Exclusive Zenga (Music Video) by Flamme Kapaya

Zenga, is a global dance anthem by Congolese maverick guitarist Flamme Kapaya, produced by Apple Juice Kid. Created in a Beat Making Lab, the song and video were created during Yole!Africa's SKIFF Festival. Zenga is part of a free EP called "Amani Goma" released by Latino Resiste/Mal Dicen/ARTVSM with remixes by Apple Juice Kid, 13th Tribe, and Carnnibal.

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