Play Ted Landsmark Hidden Treasure

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Ted Landsmark shares how thrilled he is that the younger generation is continuing the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.

Play Phil Weiss: Charles Schulz Comic Strip Art

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At the 2005 Los Angeles Roadshow event, appraiser Phil Weiss met Arnold, the owner of an incredible set of original Charles Schulz comic strips created for Hallmark greeting cards. Arnold had worked for Hallmark and being a fan of the peanuts comics - had come up with the idea of adding the comics to the cards. Find out what happened when the cameras stopping rolling and where the comics are now!

Play Wes Cowan & LaGina Austin: Andrew Clemens Sand Art, ca. 1880

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Who was Andrew Clemens? While working the 2002 Hot Springs Roadshow, folk art appraiser, Wes Cowan came across that very question as he and his colleagues tried to figure out the artist behind an impressive sand art bottle. Years later, Cowan with the help of Skinner appraiser LaGina Austin fill us in on what they've learned about Andrew Clemens and his work since the Hot Springs show.

Play Simeon Lipman: Rudolph & Santa Puppets, ca. 1964

During Antiques Roadshow 2005 Providence event, Simeon Lipman was astounded when a guest brought in the very Rudolph & Santa Puppets that were used in the beloved children's holiday classic film, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Watch Lipman reminisce about the exciting journey these puppets have taken since 2005!

Play Allan Katz: Maria Koogle Schoolgirl Needlework

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At the 2009 Antiques Roadshow event in Denver, Allan Katz met Suzanne, the owner of a one-of-a-kind needlework that was passed down to her by her grandmother. After the thrilling appraisal the guest had said that she never plans to sell the needlework - as it is a cherished family heirloom. Find out where that needlework is now!

Play Arlie Sulka: Tiffany Studio Vases & Crate

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During the 2018 Newport, RI show, Arlie Sulka came across the most exciting discovery of her career. A guest brought in a set of Tiffany Studio Vases, in their original crate. To Arlie, this was her "holy grail", the item she has waited years to see. The guest unaware of the rarity of the items was even more stunned to learn of it's significance and value!

Play Noel Barrett: Alka-Seltzer "Speedy" Figure

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Back at the Milwaukee Roadshow in 1998, Toys & Games appraiser, Noel Barrett came across a stunning life-size Alka-Seltzer "Speedy" Figure. The guest was working at bakery when his boss asked him to clean out the attic. In that attic he found this "Speedy" figure and as luck would have it, he decided to keep it. Flash forward to present day and find out where "Speedy" lives now!

Play Colleene Fesko: 1913 Louis Agassiz Fuertes Drawings

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At the 2011 El Paso Antiques Roadshow, paintings & drawings appraiser, Colleene Fekso, came across a set of 1913 Louis Agassiz Fuertes drawings. The drawings, brought in by a guest named Brian, had a fascinating story behind them! Colleene shares with us this story as well as what happened to the drawings once the cameras stopped rolling.

Play Ken Gloss: 1976 Stanley Forman-signed Photo

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At the 2018 Sarasota Antiques Roadshow, books & manuscripts appraiser, books & manuscripts appraiser, Ken Gloss, came across a 1976 Stanley Forman-signed "Soiling of Old Glory" Photo. To Ken's delight, he already knew the Pulitzer-prize winning photographer, Stanley Forman and alerted him of the discovery! Join Ken, Stanley and the Dr. Ted Landsmark, as the recount the day that photo was taken!

Play Promo: Extraordinary Finds 2

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Follow the stories behind more unforgettable treasures from ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s history and learn what happened after the cameras stop rolling through all-new interviews with fan-favorite appraisers, standout guests, and more!

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