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An evocative portrait of a woman whose life is a key to understanding the changing worlds of aviation, women and celebrity in the 20th century. The documentary brings beloved author Anne Morrow Lindbergh ("Gift from the Sea") out from the shadow of her often controversial husband, pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh.

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By marrying Charles Lindbergh, Anne Morrow finds celebrity and adventure, but also a lack of privacy. During their honeymoon, America’s most famous couple is constantly pursued by the press. Anne and Charles have a child, build a new house, and set out as a flying team to explore aviation routes north to the Orient.

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Life goes on after the murder of the Lindbergh baby. Their second son is born, and Anne begins to write again, starting a new book. The couple takes another long trip exploring navigation routes in Europe and South America, but Anne finds herself longing to return to her baby.

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