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3m 2s

Pancake Science

Cooking up a plate of fluffy buttermilk pancakes isn’t just a great life skill, it's also an opportunity to work in some serious math and science lessons. Plus, the results are delicious!

3m 5s

Writer's Club for Kids

Build creative and literacy skills with a writers club for kids. Write and perform a play -an activity that teaches kids that writing is action. They can build entire worlds, stories, relationships through writing.

4m 2s

Making Toys with Kids

Tinkering with toys is a fun way to sneak in some math and science while spending time with kids. Learn to make these cute and easy balloon cars which make great holiday gifts.

0m 0s

Charity Starts at Home

Talking to Kids about charity can be tough, but research shows that talking about charity is more effective than role-modeling. In this episode of Adventures in Learning, we talk about charity and offer a fun idea for making giving a family affair.

5m 11s

Learning About Trees

Fall is a great time of year for going on a nature hike to learn about trees. In this episode, trail guide Teresa D'Anna offers parents tips and tricks for teaching kids about trees while out on the trail.

3m 55s

Farmers Market

Make working with a budget fun for kids! Practice math and social skills during your next family outing to the local farmers' market.

3m 48s


Since ancient times, people have looked to the stars. Over the years they have inspired artists, scientists and storytellers. Encourage your kids to look to the stars by making pocket star guides. Then go out stargazing to explore the night sky.

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