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1m 30s

Dealing with Financial Strains

Furlough days and pay cuts have increased financial stress for many families. We see how the Berbell family is dealing with those problems and get timely advice from financial adviser Cindy Runger Balas.

1m 31s

Making Mortgages Work

With housing prices down and interest rates low, maybe it's time to think about buying a house. Senior Loan Officer Mia Vermillion tells you what you need to get a mortgage in today's market. It may be easier than you think.

1m 30s

Rent Versus Buy

It used to be taken for granted that buying a home was a better financial decision than renting one. In recent years, though, falling home prices and a bargain rental market have changed the equation.

1m 29s

Credit Repair

A poor credit score can limit your choices and cost you hundreds of thousands over a lifetime, but there's no easy fix. Credit repair takes time and diligence. Financial educator Stacey Lannoye tells us how to start.

1m 30s

Empty Nesters

Thousands of "empty nesters" have been waiting for the housing market to improve before downsizing and selling the family home, but broker Alex Black says "how" you sell is more important than "when" in today's real estate market.

1m 31s

Traveling Safely With Credit Cards

Credit cards have replaced traveler's checks as the currency of overseas travel. Travel expert Steve Danishek tells you how to protect yourself and your credit when traveling.

1m 30s

Facebook Scams

We look at ways of keeping your Facebook profile safe from scammers and hackers.

1m 31s

Protecting Yourself From Financial Scams

Scammers are after your personal financial information, and they are finding increasing sophisticated ways to get it. AARP fraud expert Doug Shadel tells you how to protect yourself and your money.

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