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26m 49s

Episode 1


If Dave's arrival doesn't destroy 8MMM, Jampajinpa's indoor smoking ceremony might.

27m 6s

Episode 2


Jake is thrilled to get an invite to a traditional ceremony, while Jampajinpa chooses the wrong way to prove his manhood. Rated 14L

25m 56s

Episode 3


8MMM is rolling in cash when the Tourism Expo comes to town, but the good times end when Jampajinpa forces Jake to decide between the money and the mob. Rated 14S

24m 43s

Episode 4


Times are tough. 8MMM's bank account is as empty as Lola's water tank and there's only one way for them to keep their heads above water — crowd funding! Rated 14S

26m 54s

Episode 5


After some work drinks, Jampajinpa is missing, Dave's car has no tires, the police pay a visit and Jake and Lola run an anti-grog campaign which threatens the festivities of the Founder's Day celebrations. Rated 14DL

27m 18s

Episode 6


After a racist incident in town, Jake is on a one-man crusade for reconciliation and Jessie wants revenge. She's also having sexy dreams about him, which makes things even more awkward. Rated 14LS

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