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How did the electric hair-curler manage its chaotic rise to popularity in the 1960s?
Valentijn Rixtus Bentinck can solve any mystery--except the mystery of his own past.
Can 15-year-old Marie find her father, presumed lost at sea, and reunite her family?
Lola discovers the mother she never knew was murdered and is determined to find the truth.
Barbara Parker heads to London to take on the male-dominated world of comedy by storm.
Onerva is committed to an experimental psychiatric program for women in 1970s Finland.
Alex remembers nothing since she was kidnapped six days ago--including giving birth.
Content rating: TV-MA
Two lovers follow their hearts in a new adaptation of Henry Fielding's novel.
Content rating: TV-MA
Aksel Borgen returns to his hometown 20 years after being acquitted of murder.
Content rating: TV-MA
A substitute teacher takes drastic measures when she realizes a student is in danger.
Content rating: TV-MA
Newly divorced crime reporter Dicte Svendsen moves home with her teenage daughter.
Content rating: TV-MA
The successes of independent and feminist Marie Antoinette provoke jealousy and rivalry.
Content rating: TV-MA
Claudio and Silvia Caruana have everything--until the family is engulfed in scandal.
The body of the young woman is found in a cave surrounded by superstitions and legends.
This is a warm, sometimes funny, sometimes moving look at the need for togetherness.
Content rating: TV-MA
Step inside the halls of Turin’s Le Molinette hospital in the late 1960s.
Eccentric psychology Professor T has a brilliant mind and an unpredictable nature.
Content rating: TV-MA
After fifteen years away from home, Inspector Blanca Gamez returns to Malaga.
After five years, Florian wakes to a world where full-body transplants are possible.
Fi Lawson finds strangers moving into her home; the secrets and lies have only just begun.
Maria juggles being a good mother and detective--all while keeping her female perspective.
What happened to little Gregory? This still-unsolved case shocked and divided the nation.
Content rating: TV-MA
Tormented by the past, haunted by the present, Martin Bruhl is still an investigator.
Content rating: TV-MA
Con artist Maik Schafer finds himself standing in for the new vicar of Lauterberg.
Content rating: TV-MA
Maria Theresa is the heiress to the Habsburg Empire. Must she sacrifice her happiness?
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