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The Rebel Princess

Content rating: TV-14
Zhang Ziyi stars as a princess who defies expectations, falls in love and rules the world.

The Shepherd

A shepherd runs afoul of neighbors when he refuses to sell his land to a shady developer.

Team Chocolate

Romance blooms in a small chocolate factory that employs mentally challenged workers.


A remarkable love story blossoms amidst the terror of a German concentration camp.

Crisis Unit

Content rating: TV-MA
A cerebral thriller that explores the mysterious arcana of the humanitarian world.


A crime novelist and his cello-playing son take a humorous, musical road trip.

The Archivist

A reclusive police archivist and ambitious rookie partner work to clear cold-case crimes.

The President

A dictator is forced to flee, and face his misdeeds, after his government is overthrown.

That's All Robert

Content rating: TV-MA
A schoolteacher turns to crime to save his daughter’s life in this edgy Russian thriller

Pie in the Sky

A detective is set to retire and open his own restaurant but keeps getting dragged back.

The Making of a Lady

Content rating: TV-MA
Follow the story of educated but penniless Emily, based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel.


Tom returns to his hometown and begins to unravel a mystery that drove him away years ago.

Mortal Wound

Content rating: TV-MA
A gripping crime drama from Iran, based on William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Macbeth.


Roland Hassel is a street-smart detective fighting crime in Stockholm.


Police corruption and gang culture meet as ex-con Robin struggles to escape his past.


Olivia opens a law firm to defend lost cases, redress injustice and bring justice.


Lotte’s father is determined that she will not be one of those crazy Bauhaus artists.

All the Sins

A detective is forced to confront hard home truths about his past and his present.

The Vanishing

A desperate mother searches to find her missing daughter, uncovering a dark web of lies.

The Cliff

This Icelandic dramatic mystery involves bizarre incidents and unexplained deaths.


In 1961 London, surgeon Otto Powell presides over a busy gynecology ward.

The Hunter

Content rating: TV-MA
Italy and the mafia were at war in the early 1990s. Saverio Barone, a prosecutor, fights for the innocent caught up in the carnage.

Hotel Portofino

Step into the 1920s at the Italian Riviera for drama and mystery in the aftermath of WWI.
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