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12:00 AM
90 Mins
Aretha Franklin Remembered (My Music)

Never-before-seen excerpts of Aretha Franklin's greatest hits from television appearances spanning the 1960s-2000s.

1:30 AM
120 Mins
John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind (My Music)

Performances by artists of the 1950s and '60s include those of Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, the Kingston Trio, and the Chad Mitchell Trio.

3:30 AM
90 Mins
Last of the Breed

Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Ray Price perform at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago.

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5:00 AM
60 Mins
Spy in the Wild: A Nature Miniseries
Bad Behavior

Spy monkey gets caught as real monkeys fight over beach bar alcohol; a spy egret becomes a victim when elephants start throwing mud.

6:00 AM
30 Mins
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Sculptor Leo Sewell uses discarded materials.

6:30 AM
30 Mins
Dinosaur Train
Junior Conductors Academy: Part One; Junior Conductors Academy: Part Two

Buddy is disappointed when a new kid at the Junior Conductor's Academy is smarter than him; Buddy and his new friend, Dennis, work together to pass a series of tests.

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7:00 AM
30 Mins
Sesame Street
Four Furry Superheroes

Telly, Abby and Elmo pretend to be their favorite superheroes, The Furry Four.

7:30 AM
30 Mins
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Fruit Picking Day; Daniel Is Big Enough to Help Dad

Prince Wednesday wishes he weren't so little; Daniel helps Dad build a playhouse.

8:00 AM
30 Mins
Pinkalicious and Peterrific
Mr. Socko; A Pinkapurrfect Pet

Pinkalicious makes a puppet, Mr. Socko, with one of Peter's socks; the Pinkertons care for a cat and three kittens.

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8:30 AM
30 Mins
Molly of Denali
Froggy of Denali; Molly Mabray and the Mystery Stones

Molly wants to keep a frog as a pet -- until she realizes it requires high-maintenance; Molly and Tooey can't wait to see the petroglyphs at the beach.

9:00 AM
30 Mins
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
I Am Jackie Robinson; I Am Anna Pavlova

Jackie Robinson helps Yadina when a child on the playground makes up rules that are unfair; Anna Pavlova encourages Xavier not to give up being a magician just because he made a few mistakes.

9:30 AM
30 Mins
Let's Go Luna!
Blue Orleans; Bonjour, Au Revoir, Adios

After her friend Bessie passes away, Luna honors her by dancing; Andy is caught in the middle when Fabuloso and the Circo Clowns argue whether New Orleans is more Spanish or French.

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10:00 AM
30 Mins
Nature Cat
The Shell Game; Heron Food Blues

Herbert the Hermit Crab needs to find a shell so he can play in the volleyball championship; Nature Cat and pals try to find fish for Flo the Heron.

10:30 AM
30 Mins
Wild Kratts
Rainforest Stew

Chris and Martin search for an obscure rain forest creature.

11:00 AM
60 Mins
Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Strange Creatures

Australia's unusual creatures, including the kangaroo and cassowary, convey a story of isolation, change and resilience.

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12:00 PM
30 Mins
In the Americas With David Yetman
Dominican Republic: Of Baseball, Whales, and Limping Devils

Dominican Republic has survived a troubled history of dictators and intervention from the north but is now a hotbed of baseball and home to one of the liveliest carnivals anywhere.

12:30 PM
30 Mins
The Good Road
Mbale, Uganda: Five Years If You're Lucky

The Mbale Regional Referral Hospital; neonatologist Kathy Burgoine and anesthesiologist Adam Hewitt-Smith live and work in the remote city of Mbale, Uganda.

4:30 PM
90 Mins
Last of the Breed

Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Ray Price perform at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago.

6:00 PM
30 Mins
PBS NewsHour Weekend

In-depth analysis of national and international news.

6:30 PM
30 Mins
History With David Rubenstein
Michael Beschloss

Historian and author Michael Beschloss.

7:00 PM
60 Mins
The Royal House of Windsor
Enter the Outsider

Although frustrated by having to give up his beloved naval career in exchange for a lifetime of trailing after his wife, Prince Philip channels his energy into becoming the Windsors' most radical modernizer.

8:00 PM
60 Mins
Pride and Prejudice

When Mr. Bingley moves into the neighborhood, Mrs. Bennet looks to marry off one of her five daughters.

9:00 PM
60 Mins
Grantchester on Masterpiece

It's a full house at the gym as Matthew and Luke face off in the ring, but the match takes an unexpected twist; two boys are found near death and locked up together in the boxing ring.

10:00 PM
60 Mins
Beecham House on Masterpiece

John is shocked to discover that Margaret has left Delhi, but before he can react there is worse news at home.

11:00 PM
60 Mins
Before We Die

Hanna, Björn and their boss are worried about a mole infiltrating and sharing information with the Mimica criminal family; Hanna's son Christian is playing with fire.

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