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8:00 AM
30 Mins
Pinkalicious and Peterrific
Drawing Noses; Pinkalicious on Ice

Pinkalicious gets a lesson in drawing noses from artist Dame Stella Nostrella; to prepare for Pinkville's Great Skate, Pinkalicious practices spinning.

8:30 AM
30 Mins
Molly of Denali
Seal Dance; Snowboarding Qyah Style

Molly makes a new friend, who teaches her a new dance; Molly makes a video to show off Qyah-style snowboarding.

9:00 AM
30 Mins
Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
I Am Isaac Newton; I Am Golda Meir

Isaac Newton shows Xavier that when it comes to solving something tricky, it's best to slow down and think through the problem; Golda Meir shows Yadina that she should tell people when there's a big problem, so it can be solved together.

Judy Woodruff
Crosscut Festival

Featured Moderator: Judy Woodruff

The Crosscut Festival brings together journalists, politicians, authors and newsmakers from our community and around the nation to take a hard look at the people, policy and events that shape our lives. Join the discussion April 30 - May 2, 2020.

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9:30 AM
30 Mins
Let's Go Luna!
Lost and Found; Time of Goodbye

Senor Fabuloso loses his creativity; Carmen makes a new friend.

10:00 AM
30 Mins
Nature Cat
Tally Ho! A Rainbow; Travelin' Seeds

Daisy wants to take a photo of a rainbow, but has trouble finding one; Nature Cat and pals try to figure out how a flower got in Daisy's garden.

10:30 AM
30 Mins
Wild Kratts
City Hoppers!

Aviva and Koki make a catapult; Chris and Martin set out to learn everything they can about grasshoppers and their jumping powers.

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11:00 AM
120 Mins
Feel Better Fast and Make It Last With Daniel Amen, MD

Dr. Daniel Amen illustrates how to boost mood and overcome anxiety and worry with seven simple strategies.

1:00 PM
120 Mins
The Brain Fitness Program

Scientists design a program to drive beneficial chemical, physical and functional change in the brain.

3:00 PM
90 Mins
Straight From the Heart: Timeless Music From the 60s & 70s (My Music)

Musical memories from the '60s and '70s, including hits from Tony Orlando and Dawn, The Fifth Dimension, Dionne Warwick, B.J. Thomas, and Lou Rawls.

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4:30 PM
90 Mins
Classical Rewind

A visual and auditory look at classical masterpieces; host Martin Goldsmith.

6:00 PM
30 Mins
PBS NewsHour Weekend
India's Immigrant Crackdown

India's crackdown on illegal immigration excludes nearly 2 million people in Assam from the National Register of Citizens, effectively rendering them stateless.

6:30 PM
30 Mins
Seeing Canada
PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & Quebec

Exploring Canada's Maritime provinces: Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia; the annual Winter Carnival in Quebec City, Quebec.

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7:00 PM
60 Mins
Antiques Roadshow
Crocker Art Museum Hour 1

"Babes in Toyland" stop-motion soldiers from 1934; a game used bat signed by Joe DiMaggio; a Reinhold Riel silver etrog box circa 1670.

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8:00 PM
90 Mins
Death of a Family Man

Vera investigates the death of businessman John Searwood.

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9:30 PM
120 Mins
Inspector Morse
The Settling of the Sun

Inspector Morse investigates when a Japanese student at Oxford is murdered in what appears to be a ritual killing.

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11:30 PM
90 Mins
Independent Lens
We Believe in Dinosaurs

The building of a $120 million Noah's Ark at the Creation Museum in Williamstown, Ky., an exhibit designed to prove the Bible's accuracy.

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