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Golden Apple Moments

There's Something for Everyone at The Karshner Museum in Puyallup

Congratulations to the Karshner Museum and Center for Culture and Arts on being recognized as one of the seven recipients of the 2019 Golden Apple Moments for their outstanding achievements in education in Washington State.

The Karshner Museum and Center for Culture and Arts is owned and operated by the Puyallup School District. Since 1931, this free admission museum has charmed visitors with an eclectic mix of more than 7,000 artifacts, from Coast Salish baskets to a sizable collection of geological objects and insects on display. Dr. Warner Karshner endowed the museum to the school district with one caveat: it must be interactive for visitors.

On any school day, you’ll witness two different field trips where kids can handle ancient tools used by the Coast Salish tribes, make a cattail mat or pretend to be a Native hunter while actors play the role of the bear.

Lynda Belt serves as exhibit designer, event planner, archivist and preservationist for the Karshner. She says, "When students get to actually [interact] with artifacts, it's so much better than looking at a picture in a book. They can see the textures, the colors. They can understand what materials those artifacts were made of, how they were used in the culture. And it just excites them. They’re engaged and they become more involved in the learning."

What are KCTS 9 Golden Apple Moments?

The Golden Apple Moments program celebrates educators, programs and schools making a positive difference in Washington State education, from early childhood through high school. KCTS 9 shares these bright-spot success stories of innovative educators and programs through all its content delivery channels: KCTS 9,, social media and partner channels.  

Golden Apple Moments are profiles of those who inspire us. Those who think a little differently and are reimagining the way we teach our young people. They are individuals who are not waiting around for someone to tell them how to move our education system forward. They are pushing the boundaries, engaging our youth to advance and succeed in a rapidly changing world. Golden Apple Moments focus less on complex statistics and benchmark results and more on a teacher, a program or a school’s novel idea or approach — why and how it is challenging the status quo and inspiring others.

Golden Apple Moments highlight the educators, program administrators and nonprofits/organizations working to improve education outcomes and discover new blueprints for success for children in Washington State and around the country.

The KCTS 9 Golden Apple Moments are made possible through funding from PEMCO Insurance. Nominations are open now!

Pemco Insurance Defender of your Northwest

PEMCO Insurance is a proud sponsor of Golden Apple Moments, which recognizes those who have made Washington schools better places for learning.

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