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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Justine left to sit quietly by and observe the early signs of her own deteriorating relationship.

You Make Me Feel So Young

Directed by Zach WeintraubAirs on May 2, 9p

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Justine, a recent college graduate turned retail employee, lives and works in a nameless city. The film begins when her boyfriend, Zach, leaves to interview for a position at a recently renovated arthouse movie theater in a small town. He lands the job and together they relocate to an air mattress in his new boss’ garage. Dropped suddenly into an unfamiliar place and stripped of all routine and distraction, Justine is left to sit quietly by and observe the early signs of her own deteriorating relationship. You Make Me Feel So Young is a carefully selected collection of moments from the life of a young woman in transition, and a meditation on the subtly complex questions one often faces in such situations.

Reel NW Extra - Interview

Warren Etheredge talks to director Zach Weintraub and star Justine Eister about their unconventional feature film.

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Filmmaker's Statement


YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG was conceived and developed during a period in which, for the first time in my life, artistic and romantic success felt sadly incompatible. Rather than continue to alienate my partner via faraway shoots and film festival visits, it occurred to me that to incorporate her into the filmmaking process might be an interesting and mutually educational exercise. The situation that these characters face felt like one that we were inevitably approaching ourselves, and so we treated the production as an opportunity to look at that situation and hopefully come to understand it. The movie is more concerned with questions than it is with answers because it comes from a place of genuine curiosity. I tried hard not to impose any definitive thesis on the movie because it would have been dishonest. For me, the most effective and identifiable films are simply the most sincere. Such cinematic sincerity has always been my first priority, and this film is a logical move forward in my mission to achieve it. - Zach Weintraub

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