twede's café

Molly Spurgeon chats with Kyle Twede about Twede's Café and the role it played in the old "Twin Peaks" TV series in the early 1990s.

neon city

KCTS producer Feliks Banel likes to drive around at night and look at old neon signs . . . from the comfort of his Windshield Museum.


Seattle's KEXP is a radio force to be reckoned with, and a beacon for the "Seattle sound" around the world. PIE visits their cramped quarters and takes a peek at the station's future.

record bin roulette

PIE tags along as John Kessler and John Maynard of the late great radio feature "Record Bin Roulette" comb the Goodwill for cool vinyl.

crossroads at bellevue

More than just an ordinary mall, the Crossroads in Bellevue acts as a lively hub and gathering place for its multicultural community.

neptune the dog

Carrie Lane is the owner of K9 Lap of Luxury in Lynden, WA, and the owner/trainer who recently took Neptune the bullmastiff to the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show.

harriet bullitt

Harriet Bullitt, daughter of KING Broadcasting founder Dorothy Bullitt, has made a huge impact on Central Washington's arts and cultural life with philanthropic investments in theaters, performance organizations and festivals.

rainier beach urban farm

Rainier Beach Urban Farm produces fresh organic food for local food banks on their eight-acre site.

seattle great wheel

Bill Radke chats with Kyle Griffith, son of Pier 57 owner Hal Griffith, about why the Griffith family built the Seattle Great Wheel.

i am the viaduct

The Alaskan Way Viaduct speaks for itself in this short visual essay on the beleaguered, aging, yet still pretty darn effective little expressway. Featuring the voice of former Washington governor Daniel J. Evans.