twede's café

Molly Spurgeon chats with Kyle Twede about Twede's Café and the role it played in the old "Twin Peaks" TV series in the early 1990s.

neon city

KCTS producer Feliks Banel likes to drive around at night and look at old neon signs . . . from the comfort of his Windshield Museum.

ReScene: winslow/bainbridge

Along a major thoroughfare for Seattle ferry commuters, re-discover the quaint boutique lined streets of downtown Winslow on Bainbridge island.

spy exhibit at pacific science center

Meet H. Keith Melton, the international spy authority whose collection comprises the heart of "SPY: The Secret World of Espionage," the first-ever public exhibition of artifacts from the collections of the CIA and the FBI.

ReScene: rattlesnake lake

A stroll to Rattlesnake Lake reveals the story of
Moncton, a town that once thrived upon its shores.

doolittle raider

Lt. Col (Ret, USAF) Edward Saylor of Enumclaw is one of the last living survivors of the 1942 Doolittle Raid, America's first post-Pearl Harbor attack on the Japanese Homeland.

ReScene: poulsbo church

Experience the changes of a place over time on a visit to a church in Poulsbo, Washington.

harpsichord at 600

Clinton Smith, conductor of Orchestra Seattle/Seattle Chamber Singers, demonstrates the unique, versatile and little-understood harpsichord, which was invented 600 years ago.

expo '74

Seattle's "Mossback" columnist Knute Berger and former Washington governor Daniel J. Evans look back at the little world's fair that could — Spokane's environmentally themed Expo '74.

ReScene: suquamish totem

An old picture of a totem pole leads us to Suquamish, a quiet reservation by the sound steeped in Native history.